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  • Leica D-Lux 5 Titanium: Luxury at a New Level
Technology Articles > Photo, Video & Audio > Digital Cameras > Leica D-Lux 5 Titanium: Luxury at a New Level

Leica cameras are legendary within the photography world. For decades, Leica has been producing some significantly superior cameras. Recently, Leica came out with the D-Lux 5, which didn’t receive favorable reviews (mostly because this camera strongly resembled the Panasonic LX 5). To be fair, the D-Lux 5 did have some interesting features, though it wasn’t a camera to write home about.

Now, Leica is appealing to another sort of crowd – a much richer one. Leica has just released the D-Lux 5 Titanium. As the name suggests, this camera is made from one-hundred percent titanium. You might imagine that this camera looks like luxury behind a lens, and you’d be entirely correct. Although, some are more than disappointed that Leica hasn’t bothered to beef up the inside of this camera in addition to coating the outside in lavish titanium.

Inside of All that Glam

If you were to open up a $25,000 (you read that right) camera, what might you expect to find inside of it? Maybe some advanced technology, specs that just off of a paper, and features that drive the camera world crazy? Well, you aren’t alone. Sadly, Leica didn’t see it this way. Instead of creating a camera that’s luxurious, expensive, and worth every penny, the D-Lux 5 Titanium seems to be made for those who simply want to show off.

Inside of this camera you’ll find everything that you can find inside of the D-Lux 5. This includes 10.1-megapixels (far inferior in today’s world), a 1/1.63-inch CCD, and a 3.75x DC Vario-Summicron lens. Not impressed? Well, you aren’t the only one. Still, if you’re looking to drop a lot of cash on a camera that costs more than many cars do, this might be the one that you’re looking for.

A New Trend?

Seemingly, camera manufacturers are getting farther and farther away from creating cameras that are worth a good deal of money. If a case isn’t made from cheap plastic with clunky buttons, the inside of a great-looking camera is made from technology that’s past its prime. Sure, these cameras will look great while sitting on a table near the Italian seaside, but who lives that life? Presumably, Leica thinks that its target market has a yacht or two to spare.

The market has had its fill of frilly cameras with high price tags. Isn’t it about time a camera company comes out with something that, you know, actually takes good pictures? If you’re shopping for a new camera, you’ll find lots of novelty offerings available right now.

Just beware that these pretty specimens are hardly every worth your hard-earned money, and unless you don’t work hard to earn that money at all, you’ll be better off settling for a camera that’s not so shiny, but can actually take great pictures. Heck, your smartphone can probably shoot better you photos that the Leica Titanium. If you do have cash to throw around, you can find out more about the new Leica on the Leica website right now.