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  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon VS. MacBook Air
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The MacBook Air was something of a marvel (and still is) when it first came out. The lighter than air ultrabook was just what the public at large was looking for (or so it seemed) and Apple cashed in on this effortlessly mobile laptop competitor. Now, various other manufacturers are trying to create an ultrabook that’s just as light and as lean as the Air. The latest offering from Lenovo may just be the closest thing to the MacBook Air yet.

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon from Lenovo is not yet on market shelves, though a few tech reviewers have been able to see this ultrabook first hand. Lenovo has also put out a number of press releases that detail the many things consumers should look for – and look forward to – when the ThinkPad X1 Carbon does finally hit store shelves. Here’s how the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon stacks up to the Apple MacBook Air:

The Sheer Size and Weigh of It All

The fist thing that you’ll notice about the ThinkPad X1 Carbon (much as it’s the first thing you’ll notice about the MacBook Air if you haven’t yet seen one) is its size. Lenovo claims that the new X1 is the lightest 14-inch ultrabook in the world, weighing just three pounds – that’s pretty light! In comparison, the 11-inch MacBook Air weighs 2.38 pounds and the 13.3-inch Air weighs 2.96 pounds. Did you notice that something is missing? That’s right, Apple doesn’t yet have a 14-inch MacBook Air, though rumor has it that Apple is currently working on a 14-inch offering.

So, if you’re shopping based on screen size alone and a 13.3-inch screen just won’t cut it, Lenovo will win this competition hands down. It’s also hard to imagine that Apple will be able to create a 14-inch Air that weighs less than the X1’s 3 pounds, but all things are possible – and Apple may want to directly compete with Lenovo in the weight category, so the company could be waiting to see what Lenovo is going to offer. In addition to size and weight, the X1 offers up some other interesting features.

Other X1 Features

If you travel a lot, you’ll be happy to know that the X1 will come with backlit keys (something that is difficult to live without!). Lenovo has also gone with the island keyboard design (easier to type for those who type a lot!). The MacBook Air does have a backlit keyboard and also has a finger-friendly keyboard, so not much of a difference there. Processor-wise, Lenovo has stated that the X1 system will come with the newest generation of Intel Core-i processors. Apple’s Airs come with the same processor lineup.

If you’re wondering how much an Air lookalike will cost you, Lenovo is set to price the X1 around $1000 or more. How much will you have to fork over for the largest (at the time of this writing) MacBook Air? Apple’s largest Air is priced at $1299 right now. Will the X1 really match up to the MacBook Air? More importantly, will Apple come out with a 14-inch offering? If you’re looking for a laptop that’s light and portable, it certainly seems like the X1 from Lenovo will be a good option – then again, you may want to see what Apple comes out with over the next few months.