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  • Is LG's Gram Worth the Light Weight?
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Has LG created the world’s lightest laptop? Maybe not. But the new LG Gram is the lightest (arguably) laptop that the company has ever produced. How light is light? This Gram weighs just 2.16 pounds making it one of the best options for a laptop that you’ll want to carry around everywhere with you - here’s more.

Cutting the Frills

The Gram doesn’t come with a touchscreen or a backlit keyboard. No, this laptop is free of all frills. In place of those extras is a magnesium alloy casing that makes the laptop as light as air (and, yes, it’s lighter than the MacBook Air). The outside of the laptop is light enough (and will please most), but the inside of the computer is light too - LG has gotten rid of all bloatware, so you can expect a seamless experience.

For all of that lightness you’ll get a 14-inch laptop that’s pretty ideal for everyday tasks. This may not be the laptop that you’ll want to write your thesis on (or maybe it is), but it’s a great little laptop for carrying around with you every day because, simply, it’s not going to be very heavy to lug.

A Closer Look

At first glance, the Gram really looks like a MacBook. From the design of the laptop to the overall fine tuning of the casing and keyboard, it’s hard not to think of the MacBook when you look at the Gram. But, that might not be a bad thing. Why? Well, the MacBook is a pretty solid machine that’s lightweight if you go for one of the lighter models, but the main difference here is the price. The Gram retails for around $900, which is slightly lower than MacBooks.

How does the Gram compare to a MacBook? While it does look relatively the same, the Gram is a bit flimsier than a MacBook. Plus, you’re getting Windows inside of the Gram, which is a completely different setup than a MacBook. Some reviewers have found that the Gram’s screen wobbles quite a bit, which probably isn’t what you want from a laptop. But, the Gram is definitely the lightest laptop that LG has ever made.

How Much Does Light Matter?

When you have a laptop that looks like the MacBook but is built from a flimsier material, how important is it that this laptop is light? I mean, does light even matter in this case? It all depends on what you want out of a laptop. If you want to spend less than you would on a MacBook and you still want to use Windows, this laptop is a good solution to lugging around a heavier alternative with you.

On the flip side, you could just spend the money on a MacBook. Sure, the MacBook will cost more, but it will also come with Apple’s guarantee, which means something to most people. The MacBook also has a more solid construction.

As I’ve said before, though, LG’s Gram is light and it's versatile enough for most purposes. So if you want a laptop that is light and portable and not too pricey, this might be it. In the end it comes down to what’s the most important thing about a laptop to you? You can check out the Gram on the LG website.