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  • LG's New Infinim Headphones are Unique
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LG has come out with some interesting new Bluetooth headphones. The LG Tone Infinim headphones come in the form of a neckband, as many Bluetooth headphones do, but these are unique.

Instead of earbuds that attach to the neckpiece magnetically, the Infinim headphones have earbuds that retract easily with the push of a button. A few additional features make these headphones worth the $120 price tag.

Harman Kardon Audio

These LG headphones come with sound by Harman Kardon, which means that they are pretty well equipped in the sound quality department. Like other Bluetooth headphones in its class, the Tone headphones can wrap around your collar. This design is handy if you wear a lot of collared shirts and don’t want to remove your headphones or look silly wearing over the ear headphones with a dress shirt or suit.

With the Tone headphones, all you have to do is leave the actual headpiece around your neck. When a call comes in, pull on the earbuds will let you simply place them in your ears, and you can retract them with a push of a button once that call has finished. The only issue with this type of design is that it can be uncomfortable if you have a larger neck. The other possible drawback to the attached earbuds is that it could be somewhat awkward if your head is much higher than your neck (which might be why some people would prefer a model that has magnetic earbuds).

Playing Music

LG has added some useful buttons for pausing and playing music when you want to, and the sound is quite decent as well. It’s unknown how long the retractable cord that’s attached to the earbuds will last (it seems like that cord would wear down easily if you use it enough), but that depends on how often you retract and pull on the buds. Additional buttons include skipping through songs backwards and forwards, a call answering button, and a volume control button.

LG has also built in a vibrating mode with these headphones. If you wander far away from your Bluetooth connection and are about to drop that connection, the headphones vibrate warning you that you are too far. This can be useful when you aren’t aware of how far you are actually wandering, which can easily happen.

All in all, LG has added some really nice features to the Tone headphones, and the retractable earbuds (which are also magnetic, if you want to work them that way) can be nice as well - but, really, when you have a retractable button to play with, that’s what you’ll likely wind up doing - just check the warranty on that cord to make sure you can replace it if it breaks from over-retracting.

The Price

The price of the new LG Tone Infinim headphones is a bit high considering other similar headphones out there. But if you spend enough time researching these headphones online, you can find a pair or two that are around $100, which is a bit less than the suggested retail.