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  • LG’s Really, Really, Wide Monitor
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Got a wide monitor? I bet it’s not as wide as LG’s new monitor. LG has created the very first UltraWide LCD desktop monitor. Wide screens haven’t been a huge hit in the HDTV world, but LG’s betting that monitors of this size are best reserved for the desktop. LG has its eye on the video and movie market, since this screen is perfect for viewing movies or comparing videos side-by-side. For those who run a videography business or just like to watch movies on a desktop, LG’s new screen may be the perfect choice.

UltraWide Specs

LG’s UltraWide LCD monitor measures 29-inches across. It has a resolution of 2,5160 X 1,080. Not only can you view videos side-by-side with this screen, but it is also possible to view up to four different videos simultaneously. LG’s screen can also replace two screens. If you happen to use two monitors at the office, this monitor makes it possible to view two or four different webpages at the same time. So, LG has another possible market with the business crowd.

LG didn’t skimp when it came to connections either. The UltraWide LCD monitor comes with HDMI and MHL support, DVI Dual Link, and Display Port. When reviewed by those who had a chance to attend the IFA conference, the UltraWide LCD did project video images crisply. Whether or not this monitor will sell within the United States will be an interesting marketing gamble to watch. Speaking of selling, if the LG UltraWide LCD screen sounds like something you’d like to own, you’ll have to wait a few months to get your hands on it.

Availability and Pricing Details

LG has just launched the UltraWide LCD monitor in Korea. Later this year, the company plans to launch the screen globally. Officially, no launch dates have been set yet. Currently, this super wide monitor is retailing for around $600 USD, but this may not be the price set throughout the rest of the world. Presumably, LG will be launching the UltraWide LCD screen in both Canada and the U.S.

It’s also a safe bet that the company will take its new monitor to certain parts of Europe, and possibly Japan and China. Where else? It’s hard to say. Generally, though, companies wait to see whether or not a new venture like this one will pay off. If there’s a huge demand for massively wide screens, the UltraWide could pop up all over the world. If not, this may be the only time you’ll actually hear about the screen.

What makes LG so sure that an UltraWide LCD is fit for the desktop world when the same concept failed within the HDTV world? It’s really hard to say; but I’m guess that LG is banking on video companies, movie lovers, and those who are tired of using two screens at the same time. When the UltraWide does finally arrive in your part of the world, will you go for a massive screen such as this one? Or, do you prefer your two-screen setup? Let me know what you think.