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  • Need a New Router? Cisco Has a Great One
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There’s a very good reason why Cisco is a top contender within the hardware-networking world. This company puts out great product after great product time and time again. Not to be outdone by any competitor, Cisco has just created the new Linksys EA3500 N750 router. This router is powerful, smart, and so very easy to setup that you’ll wonder why you ever even considering buying anything else. Are you in the market for a new router? You’ll want to take a very close look at this one – here’s why:

Installation and User-Ease

Most routers are a real problem to set up. Cisco has made all of these problems disappear with the new Linksys. This router comes with a setup CD that contains all the software needed to complete the setup process. When running the CD, you will be prompted to “Setup Your Linksys Router,” and then you can just follow the instructions indicated on screen. Since this is a wireless router, you don’t need to have any kind of wired connection to start the installation process. All you have to do is follow the on screen prompts that are issued when playing the CD.

If the Linksys router recognizes any problems, small help bubbles will pop up on your screen and you will be told how to fix these issues. As I mentioned above, this is the easiest router to set up, ever. But, just in case, you can always contact Linksys technical support if you don’t know how to get past an obstacle of if you need some additional technical help.

What’s Inside This Router (Features, ETC)

Some routers come with lots of extra features. Other routers just work well. Guess what kind of router the new Linksys is? You got it: the kind that works very well. This router isn’t packed with tons of features, but that’s actually ok. You will find basic features such as complete control over your network, parental control options, and the ability to add different systems to your network. You can also choose to have the router update automatically when updates are available. If you’re looking for some more complex control over your network, you can check out the advanced settings that come with the new Linksys.

Advanced user settings allow you to play with port forwarding and Cisco has even thrown in a speed test. This is a dual-band router that can provide up to 300 Mbps, so this router should exceed your expectations if you’re used to lesser router brands. You’ll also find a virtual USB comes with this router, which is a really nice upgrade from Cisco router brands of the past. Lastly, the new Cisco Linksys EA3500 is offered at a really decent price, $129.99. For a wireless router that has as much going for it as this one does, $129.99 is an excellent price to pay. If you’ve been looking for a wireless router that’s easy to setup and even easier to use (not to mention fast and powerful), you really need to seriously consider the Linksys EA3500.