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  • Lively: Find Out What Your Elderly Loved One Is Doing
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Keeping tabs on an elderly person can be time-consuming. Not only does it take time to find out what someone is up to regularly, but some elderly people insist on being independent. Independence is fine, but a person living alone should be monitored in some fashion regularly. Of course, this is hard to do unless you live with that person. But, what alternative do you have?

A new device called Lively may change how you keep tabs on your favorite older relative. Lively works with a system of sensors that let you know when someone moves, what they are doing, and how often the leave the house - basic information that can help you feel better about being too busy to check in on the elderly person in your life. Here are some more details about the Lively device.

How Lively Works

After looking at the video on the Lively site and reading through the materials on that same site, I've come to the conclusion that Lively is a GPS tracker-type of device. Basically, you attach sensors to various parts of a person's house (chair, television, car keys, house keys, refrigerator door), and those sensors send signals back to a main sensor.

From there, Lively sends registered users reports via email, text, and soon phone. You can also view these reports on your desktop, so you know when (and if) someone has completed an activity. You can even attach a sensor to a pill bottle, so you know if that person has taken their daily dose of medication. What's the point?

Comparing Daily Activities

Sometimes, elderly people forget to do things or don't get any real activity. When this happens, these people can become depressed or completely inactive. Lively lets you find out what the elderly person in your life has been up to, compare those activities with healthy and normal activities, and then decide whether or not a person should be living independently.

Really, Lively presents an interesting solution to a complex problem that many people face today: what to do when you can't be around the elderly person in your life regularly. If this sounds like a device that you may really need, you can purchase Lively for a relatively low price too.

Purchasing Details

You can purchase your own Lively device for $149. To order Lively, just visit the company's website. Lively is a great way to track that elderly person in your life without spending too much time bothering that person with your concerns. Just attach the devices, get the reports, and find out what's happening with the person that you love.

From what I've seen so far in the GPS tracking and similar device world, Lively is, by far, the best option out there. The one drawback here being that you will have to affix the devices to various places in order to get accurate information, and this might be hard to do. Still, I suggest taking a look at the Lively site for additional details and information.