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  • The UE Boom Lives Up to Its Reputation
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I attended a fitness class the other day, and the instructor placed her iPhone on a ledge for the class to listen to, since music was needed. As you might have guessed, the sound coming from the phone was less than sub-par.

A Bluetooth speaker was needed. Badly. But (as the gym’s owner explained to me), the various speakers that had already been tried weren’t great or didn’t last long. There is one such speaker, though, that has been getting a lot of praise lately – the Logitech UE Boom. Does it live up to its reputation?

How Is the UE Boom Different?

1. It’s water-resistant.
2. It has deep bass and decent mids
3. Sound seems to come from all angles
4. It works with loud gym music, but also with softer music.
5. You can pair two Booms together to create a set of awesome speakers.
6. It lasts for 16 hours or longer
7. You can charge it with a micro-USB
8. It’s under $200
9. It’s easily portable

There are some of the reasons why people are loving the UE Boom. Are there any drawbacks?

Some Downfalls

The thing that I hate the most about most Bluetooth speakers is that you can’t replace the battery. Once the battery inside of the UE Boom dies, you have to buy a new one or keep it plugged in at all times. Why? Because the battery is inaccessible, like most other Bluetooth options. Were a company to make a portable speaker with a battery that you can actually replace, that speaker might be worth $179. Then again, you can’t expect this to happen with a speaker that’s under the $200 mark, can you?

When all is said and done, Bluetooth speakers have a definite lifespan. That lifespan might be a few good and solid years of house parties or gym classes, but your Bluetooth speaker is going to die eventually – and when it does, you are out of luck. The good things here might outweigh the bad, though, and I didn’t even mention that this speaker comes in a variety of pretty colors including red and white, white and yellow, blue and yellow, teal and yellow, black and red, and red and pink (not exactly subtle colors, though, so this may not be what you want in your living room).

Where to Get It

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that’s great for a party or gym class, you can check out the UE Boom on Amazon, or through the Logitech website (or at a smaller retailer near you, no doubt). The speaker is retailing (at the time of this writing) for $178, and you can get free shipping if you go the Amazon route. There are a ton of other Bluetooth speakers out there, but this one does get some of the best reviews around, and it’s relatively inexpensive.

Are you in the market for a Bluetooth speaker? Would you consider the UE Boom? Let me know below.