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  • Logitech G930 Artemis Spectrum Wireless Gaming Headset Soon To Be Released
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Gamers, rejoice. Logitech has upgraded its G930 wireless gaming headset – soon they will release the G933, offering the ability to switch between gaming and home theater applications (PCs, smartphones, and consoles) with ease. It packs quite the punch in terms of sound quality as well.

What makes the sound better than the G930? Where they both feature Dolby 7.1, the G933 brings DTSD Headphone:X to the table, giving it a more authentic multichannel feel in terms of audio and increased stereo imaging.

The Comparison

Launched a little more than five years ago, the G930 was released for much the same reason as the G933. Logitech created a high-end gaming headset for users that wanted to experience great audio quality. The G933 takes the technology to another level and changes the look of the headset itself, still ensuring that high-end audio experience.

While both headsets feature a 20Hz-20KHz range, there is a new audio driver within the G933 called Pro-G that increases the impedance from 32 ohms to 39 ohms, as well as the sensitivity, no 107dB SPL/mW. Logitech has spent the past 5 years focusing on the driver to bring users great sound, and say that the Pro-G driver brings a cleaner sound to the table.

That's Not All

The microphone is much smaller – the G933 features a 4mm microphone, while the G930 measures 6mm. It is still packed with noise-canceling technology, blocking out ambient noise and featuring your voice alone. Your team of gamers will thank you for this! The flexible microphone folds up and down towards the front of the left earcup for more streamlined storage

The headband is a bit different from the G930 as well – the G-keys used to be located on the side of the left earcup, but have been moved to the back edge of the earcup. Instead, the sides of the earcups feature replaceable covers, and double as storage for the USB dongle. That's pretty neat.

One of the new features is RGB lighting, located in each earcup, that lights up the back edge of the headset and cover plates. No help to the sound quality, really, but making you look pretty cool. You can choose between blue, teal, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple.

Mix It Up

Logitech put to use new audio codec from Avnera, giving the headset the ability to provide audio from different sources. They call it sound mixing, and it allows you to listen to two sources (TV, phone, PC, etc) at the same time.

The USB input allows you to use almost any device that supports a USB headset. That's because the input is described by Logitech as a 2 channel + mic solution. If you're looking to take advantage of the 7.1 surround, you'll need Windows and the Logitech gaming software.

The software is updated as well, supporting more 7.1 surround sound functionality, and introducing DTS HeadphoneX, optimized for gaming. You'll charge the headset less often as well, as battery life has been extended to 12 hours versus the 10 hours the G930 required. Speaking of the battery, you won't need to use tools to change the battery on the 933, unlike the 930. The batteries are changed out by simply removing the earcup covers.

Pick up a set when they are released in October, somewhere around the $200 price point.