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  • The New Air Speaker From Logitech
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Some people love it while other people hate it, but no matter where you stand with AirPlay, it’s hard to deny that this technology is here to stay. More and more people are buying Apple TVs and other iOS devices. This fact, in turn, has caused a number of entertainment and speaker system manufacturers to single out and target the AirPlay market. The latest company to enter this market is Logitech with an all-new AirPlay speaker called the Logitech UE Air Speaker.

Logitech will enter the AirPlay speaker space to compete with companies like Sonos and JBL. Since this market is already dominated by speaker manufacturers who have seen lots of sales and built a solid reputation, Logitech will have to offer something that’s both price worthy and sound worthy – will the UE Air Speaker hit the mark?

Focus: User-Friendliness

With the UE Air Speaker, it’s clear to see that Logitech has chosen to focus on providing the average AirPlay user with a speaker that’s simple to use. Based on the current Logitech video that’s circulating around the Internet, using the UE Air Speaker is really quite simple and effortless. To set up the speaker, users must dock an iPhone device in the speaker’s dock, download the Logitech app, connect to the appropriate WiFi, and then wait for the app to begin working.

Once those steps have been completed, the iPhone can be removed from the dock and any iOS device can be used to stream music. This device doesn’t come with any wires, which means that it probably does come with an integrated battery (always something to watch out for in this reviewer’s opinion, since these batteries can’t be changed and a dead battery means a dead device). Regardless, it looks like the Logitech UE speaker will be a popular AirPlay sound choice – there’s just one thing that might turn some people off, however.

Still Expensive to Purchase

The new Logitech speaker will retail for around $400. This is a high price to pay for most people who simply view AirPlay as something that’s fun to set up, but not necessarily worthy of a massive investment. Keep in mind that competing AirPlay and Bluetooth speaker systems are priced competitively or less than $400. Now, consider that a wired old-school system pumping out great sound will cost a lot less than $400. With these factors taken into consideration, $400 starts to seem like too high of a price. After all, AirPlay isn’t anything new and Logitech could have lowered this pricing in order to compete effectively. The only way that this speaker might be worth the high price tag is if Logitech’s AirPlay offering outdoes the competition as far as sound is concerned.

Since Logitech’s UE Air Speaker hasn’t hit store shelves yet, it’s hard to say whether or not this speaker will outperform the rest. Once the product does hit the market, I’ll be back to let you know what this speaker can do and whether or not that $400 price tag is worth your cash.