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  • A Look at the Cybershot TX55
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Sony’s Cybershot line has always been popular. While these cameras aren’t going to get you a wedding gig, they are ideal for shooting snapshots. For the casual user, in fact, the Cybershot line is priced right, does what it needs to do, and can easily fit into a backpack or pocket. Recently, Sony has been putting a lot of thought and effort into its Cybershot line.

One of the latest efforts comes in the form of the Cybershot TX55. This ultra-slim camera will be released sometime in September, though Sony has already alerted press as to this camera’s many features. If you’re in the market for a new camera, this reviewer thinks that you should hold out until the Cybershot TX55 hits store shelves. Sony has made some impressive improvements to this camera – improvements that may be waiting for.


It’s hard to ignore the size of the TX55. The newest addition to the Cybershot family is just 12.2 mm thin. That’s one of the thinnest cameras to date. Sony cut some weight off of the Cybershot in order to appeal to consumers who want a truly portable camera. But don’t let the size of this slim shot fool you. The TX55 also comes with plenty of features that you’d expect from a camera double its size.


The TX55 will come with full 1080i AVCHD video recording, a nice OLED touchscreen, and a 16.2 megapixel CMOS sensor. Other great features include a high-speed autofocus, sweep panorama option, and 3D still image option. All of these upgrades make the TX55 a top compact camera contender, but the main reason why this camera is getting so much attention has very little to do with these features.

Instead, all eyes are on the fact that Sony claims the TX55 will be able to shoot full HD videos while simultaneously shooting 12 megapixel stills. Now, this is a technological improvement that speaks right to those who love photography, but aren’t in the professional arena. With all of these improvements, Sony can expect the TX55 to sell well from the start.

Style and Colors

Of course, a camera’s style is very important. After all, nobody wants to lug around a camera that doesn’t look great. Sony won’t disappoint those who are looking for a stylish and colorful camera that can do it all. The TX55 should be released in a number of different rainbow colors that rival the hottest laptops.

While slim is certainly what Sony’s after, the TX55 is also stylish. This camera can fit into most pockets, but it’s also a great-looking camera. First tests have proved that Sony put a great deal of effort into perfecting the TX55, and consumers are bound to respond favorably.

Pricing and Availability

The Sony TX55 is expected to be priced around $350, though this number could fluctuate according to the place of purchase. Availability-wise, Sony plans to release the TC55 in September when all other companies plan to unleash their latest gadgets. Needless to say, this fall is going to be a big one for the gadget community. You can see photos of the TX55 by heading to Sony’s website.