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  • McAfee Focuses Elsewhere: Should You Too?
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The sign of a great security company (or any company, really) is when this company upgrades and changes according to the times. McAfee happens to be one such company, and the trusted security company is shifting its focus from regular system protection to advanced cloud protection. Instead of focusing on simply protecting your computer, basic cloud needs, or network from attack, McAfee has announced that the company is working on targeting the three main vulnerable cloud-based channels including web, identity, and email.

Mobile Workers Are Targeted

Hackers and all kinds of virus-spreading parasites generally target mobile workers because these workers tend to use public WiFi and generally unsecured networks. When a mobile worker accesses a company network from a public hotspot, that network will then be subject to much attack from the outside world – not something that most companies want to wrestle with. McAfee’s new Cloud-based solutions will aim to protect these workers from any kind of impending attack. This is really something innovative and also necessary coming from McAfee. Most networks these days are susceptible (more than susceptible) to outside Cloud attacks, and preventing these attacks are vital.

Specifically, McAfee hopes to implement an identity protection agent that should work with both mobile and networked devices; a new Client Proxy that will redirect mobile devices from an off-network status to a McAfee protected Web portal that’s much more secure; and an on-site web protection plan for in-office network use. In short, McAfee is looking to protect business networks further, which tends to beg the question: is your current network adequately protected or should you look for an upgrade?

How to Determine if Your Network Is Protected

It’s difficult to compare any existing network protection to the one that McAfee has been building, since few network security suites actually protect mobile workers (and mobile devices) from possible network threats. So, really, the best way to protect your network is to make sure (make double sure) that your employees don’t access your business network from any kind of unsecure WiFi. Obviously, that’s easier said than done, but it’s really important. Mobile workers should use secure networks only and avoid public networks at almost any cost.

In addition, it’s a good idea to make sure that your network is up-to-date and updated frequently. If you can’t remember the last time you updated your network or whether or not you actually have a protection suite, take a good look at the network you have set up. Considering the fact that McAfee seems to be miles ahead of other security companies, taking a good look at what McAfee has to offer Cloud-protection wise is not a bad idea at all. To seek out more information or find out how much it costs to set up this new security system, make sure to keep your eye on McAfee announcements and to check out the security company’s website. Should you take a good look at your current network security? Absolutely. Should you upgrade to what McAfee is offering? It’s never a bad idea to re-think your current network security provider!