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I see kids on a regular basis playing with iPads. Now, there’s nothing wrong with the iPad and I’m sure those kids are looking at purely educational content (right?), but I have to wonder whether or not parents realize that the iPad can break. I also have to wonder how quickly a rowdy kid can effectively smash an iPad. Sure, the iPad holds all kinds of learning potential for kids and it’s also a great babysitter, but isn’t there a tablet on the market that’s more, well, kid-proof?

In fact, there is! The MEEP! Android tablet was developed and made for kids, which means that this tablet is hard to break. Even better, the MEEP! tablet still comes with a ton of cool apps and it looks great too. If you are a parent and you don’t want your child to smash your iPad (but you still want your kid to experience everything that a tablet has to offer), the MEEP! Android tablet is just what the doctor ordered.

Developed by Oregon Scientific

Oregon Scientific is a well-known company that makes all kinds of electronics and gadgets. Seeing how big of a market the kid market actually is, this company developed the MEEP! Android tablet just for kids. With kids in mind, the MEEP! tablet is rugged and comes with plenty to keep kids entertained for long periods of time. The MEEP! tablet (it’s just fun to say, isn’t it?) comes with a 7-inch touchscreen, is shrouded in heavy duty plastic, and also comes with WiFi connectivity. You’ll also find an audio jack (for all of that annoying kid music, of course!), and a USB jack included in the MEEP! tablet.

The MEEP! Android (4.0) tablet was designed for kids aged six and above, but I’m betting most tech-savvy kids three and above will have no problem working this tablet. Your kids will gain access to movies, eBooks, apps, kid-centric games, and lots more when using the MEEP! tablet—what they won’t gain is access to any apps or adult-feature films, which will likely provide peace of mind to many parents worldwide -- now, onto more important things like pricing and availability.

Pricing and Availability

Even though the Oregon Scientific website is full of images of the MEEP! tablet, the tablet itself is currently not available. However, you can sign up for the latest news about the MEEP! tablet, which will enable you to find out when the tablet is released ahead of the crowd (just provide an email address). Interestingly, even though the tablet is not yet for sale, there is pricing information available. You can expect to shell out over $149 for the MEEP! tablet when it does hit store shelves.

$149 seems like a lot for a kid-based tablet, but it’s a fair price considering the price of other gadgets aimed at kids on the current market (handheld gaming consoles come to mind). Also, if you have more than one kid, you can make your children share a MEEP! tablet, so you can really justify that cost. If your kids currently use your iPad or other expensive tablet, the MEEP! tablet is well worth considering – at least this tablet won’t break when it is bumped or dropped!