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  • Microsoft Asks the Public For Help: Will You Respond?
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Windows 8 will be surfacing very soon. But, before Microsoft will release the program, the giant company wants your help. Through an invite only feedback program (you can sign up on the Microsoft site), Microsoft will send out questionnaires about Windows 8 to select people. In return, those reviewers will gain free Xbox games. There are two very good reasons why Microsoft might be looking for consumer feedback.

The first is that Microsoft needs input before putting out the new Windows 8 – after all, the company can’t make the mistake of sending out a product that’s sub-par. Gaining user insight would provide the company with the input that it needs to make the program perfect. The second reason is that Microsoft has found a very clever way to market Windows 8.

On The Marketing Front

The general public reaction to anything free is: “sign me up!” So when Microsoft’s free offer reaches many ears, plenty of people who might not have known about Windows 8 (or cared) will suddenly be anticipating the launch of the program. In a short amount of time, news about Windows 8 will spread and the program will become popular before it is even released. Not a bad marketing plan, is it? Even though Microsoft won’t allow everyone to test the program, many will still sign up.

As of this morning, many people have tweeted, posted, and emailed news of Microsoft’s free Xbox game offer. Sooner rather than later, Microsoft will gain a number of sign-ups. Not only will word of the new Windows 8 spread, but Microsoft will also gain lots of names and email addresses when the sign-up form spreads. In order to be considered to test out the new Windows 8, consumers must enter a name and email into the form that is currently sitting on the Microsoft webpage. In an instant, Microsoft will have thousands of email addresses – not a bad way to gain information.

On the Fixing Front

There is, of course, some validity to Microsoft’s offer as well. As any company knows (of any kind) gaining feedback from a targeted audience is priceless. Were RIM to have gained feedback before putting out the original PlayBook, the company might have noted various problems with the PlayBook before it was actually released. This might have saved RIM a lot of revenue loss. Microsoft doesn’t want to play the RIM game (and who can blame the company?). So, instead of putting out a product that doesn’t perform or live up to standards, Microsoft will gain user opinion first, fix any problems, and then send the program to market.

Whether an advertising and marketing ploy or a way to ensure that Windows 8 runs smoothly (or both), Microsoft’s offer stands for those who quality for the invite only status. If you want to try your luck (and give away your email address), you can check out the Microsoft website for additional details. If you’re application is accepted, you will gain a few new Xbox games – not a bad consolation prize, right?