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  • Facebook too cluttered? Download Minimalist Facebook
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Minimalist Facebook is a Facebook extension that aims to make your Facebook news feed neater. Even though the newest Facebook design isn’t quite as jumbled as the old one, the popular social networking platform can look fairly messy at times. Minimalist Facebook will help you get rid of all that mess by replacing the regular Facebook feed with something much more peaceful looking.

There are lots of Facebook extensions out there that aim to make sense of the somewhat confusing Facebook interface. Minimalist Facebook is one extension that you might want to check out if you find Facebook overwhelming. This extension will prove especially useful if you find it difficult to keep up with the changing face of Facebook. Minimalist Facebook comes with few glitches, and it’s relatively easy to navigate as well.

Minimalist Facebook Erases Nonsense

It’s possible that you haven’t noticed it, but it’s there. What is “it?” Advertisements, of course. Facebook makes money from these ads, and you are forced to look at the ads every time you log onto Facebook. In addition to advertisements, you will likely see a lot of things that you don’t care about. You know all of that nonsense on the right side of your Facebook News Feed and Homepage screen?

Well, Minimalist Facebook gets rid of all of that junk. What you’re left with is a clean, white, Facebook page. You’ll still see updates and posts, but you won’t need to look at ads or read about things that you don’t care about. Let’s call Minimalist Facebook “Zen Facebook.” If you have lots of friends, use social networking as a business tool, or work as a social networker, you’ll want to download this extension.

Where It Works

Minimalist Facebook works with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. If you use Firefox, you may be familiar with an entirely different Facebook extension called “Facebook Fixer.” Facebook Fixer is a Firefox extension that does many of the same things that Minimalist Facebook does. Some people prefer to use Facebook Fixer, while others prefer to use Minimalist Facebook.

I recommend downloading both extensions (one at a time), and testing each out. You’ll find that both are very easy to use, though you may prefer one over the other. Mostly, which Facebook extension you use is a matter of personal taste. Still, using a Facebook extension to make Facebook more bearable is a good idea for all those who are tired of looking at a cluttered Facebook homepage.

Where to Find It

A simple Google search will lead you straight to Minimalist Facebook. You can also find this extension by looking at all the extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. I found that I was able to use this extension in minutes without any problem at all, though it is recommended that you take a few moments to test out the extension.

As mentioned, some people may prefer to leave Facebook as is and some may prefer other extensions. Either way, a cleaner Facebook page makes using the popular social network easier.