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  • Goodies.co by Walmart: A Monthly Snack Box Site
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How does a monthly box of goodies sound? If you’re thinking that it sounds expensive, like all wine and nut monthly clubs, you might be mistaken. The latest website offering a monthly food delivery comes from Walmart. Walmart’s new Goodies.co site entices food lovers with super low Walmart prices and a new treat every month.

Walmart is certainly following in the footsteps of other retailers who have gone the monthly box route, but Walmart’s prices can’t be beat. Plus, it helps that signing up for Walmart’s box service is simple.

Creating a Goodies.co Account (and what you’ll get)

Goodies.co will emerge from beta today. By heading to the website, you can request an invite or simply sign up tomorrow when the site goes live for all. Right now, you won’t see a Walmart logo anywhere on the site, but WSJ reports that the brand is definitely behind the Goodies.co venture. Each monthly box will contain six to eight different items. How much will these boxes cost? Roughly $7 (shipping included). It’s also possible to buy full-size versions of each treat directly from the site (boxed versions are snack-sized). If you consider the cost of the items inside the box, that $8 monthly fee is quite low.

As far as what’s included in each box, you can expect new snack goods – snacks that you probably haven’t seen before. Not only is this a great way for you to discover new snacks, but Walmart will also gain a lot of valuable knowledge from these monthly boxes. After all, Walmart is the biggest grocer in the United States. Knowing what items to purchase and sell in-store by reviewing monthly product responses is just icing on the corporate cake. Monthly subscribers earn Walmart points for each product reviewed,

A Great Idea For All…?

There’s no doubt that getting a box filled with new junk food is fun, but you have to consider the quality of food that will come from this monthly subscription. Does America need more junk food? That will be up to you to decide. You might also keep in mind that there are other, healthier, monthly subscription options. Still, you have to hand it to Walmart for cashing in on the monthly subscription craze, appealing to shoppers who don’t want to spend a ton on new snacks, and getting the most out of free marketing.

It’s also worth pointing out that the Goodies.co site is quite easy to use, set up well, and contains a great-looking interface that (thankfully) doesn’t include any of those bright Walmart colors. If you like the idea of getting new snack foods every month (think uniquely flavored Oreos and Snickers bars that aren’t traditionally colored), go ahead and check out Googdies.co.

Your first delivery will appear just after you sign up, and will continue to show up as long as you pay that monthly fee (you can connect a credit card to your account). The whole setup takes just a few minutes to complete. What do you think about Walmart’s new venture? Does this sound like something you’re interested in? Or, is this just another way to push junk food and sink Americans further into credit card debt?