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  • The Mophie Watch Dock for Apple Watch is Sleek and Chic
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If you have an Apple Watch, the next thing that you’ll need to buy is a charger for that watch. Ever since Apple announced the Apple Watch, charging options have been popping up frequently, so you have a lot to choose from.

One of those charging docks is the Mophie Watch Dock. What makes this dock stand out is its classic look combined with charging power that just works.

The Mophie Watch Dock Details

This is not a dock that will go unnoticed no matter where you put it. The Mophie Watch Dock starts off with an all aluminium base and stand, but the leather accents that surround both the base and stand are what you’ll notice first about this dock. Why leather for a charging dock? If you look at the Apple Watch, you’ll notice that the strap on the watch is made from leather, so Mophie is merely matching what you already have for one nice fluid and luxe look.

The overall design of the Mophie watch is slick too. At first glance, it seems to resemble some kind of projector, but when you add your watch to the mix it all makes sense. The stand is tall and slim, and it really does look great when paired with your Apple watch. Plus, the stand easily hides the routing cable, so that doesn’t stand out either. One caveat here is that you do have to use your Apple Watch adaptor in order to use the Mophie stand.

Good Sense

Mophie has also designed the Watch Dock at an angle, so that you can easily see any incoming notifications on your watch without removing the watch from the stand. This is clever design, and it really works well (if only other dock manufacturers could take a cue or two from Mophie!). Thanks to the design, you could easily put this dock in your bedroom, and clearly see and access things like alarms right from your bed without taking the watch off of the dock.

The stand itself is lightweight too, which is a bonus if you don’t want something clunky to carry around or move around when you want the location of your watch stand to change. For some, the weight of the stand may be bothersome (since it also means that the stand can be easily knocked over), but that’s going to be completely up to your preferences. How does it stack up to the other stands out there?


Even though Apple Watch stands are starting to arrive on the scene quite rapidly, there still aren’t a ton of them to select from. That said, the Mophie stand is one of the better ones simply based on design alone. I love that this stand is lightweight and comes with great leather accents. I also love the positioning of the stand base, which makes it much simpler to use and see your watch when it is charging on this base.

As far as price goes, the Mophie stand isn’t that expensive where all things charging stands are considered. You’ll pay around $60 for this stand, which isn’t a bad price considering the price that you probably paid for your Apple Watch - after all, you have to charge it somehow, right?