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  • Lots of Tablet Memory: Does It Exist?
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When shopping for a tablet, you’ll note that most devices come with 32GB. If you need a tablet with more space, you’ll have to get crafty. The tablet with the most memory is the new Surface RT (Microsoft) that comes with 64GB. Tablets just don’t come packed with memory, since these devices weren’t really designed to replace laptops or desktops. But, there is a need for a tablet with more than 64GB. Manufacturers just haven’t provided a solution to that need yet.

Aside from buying a Surface RT and calling it a day, there are some ways to add on to your tablet’s existing memory. One of those ways is to simply purchase and install new memory. There is a word of caution that goes along with this plan, though. Some tablets (or most tablets, really) are not equipped to handle additional memory. Here’s how to find out which tablet can take that extra space.

Soldered Chips, Android Exceptions, and iPad Options

Most tablets come with soldered flash memory chips. This process makes it really tough to replace memory. If you have soldering skills, you may be able to pull this off, but it’s not a move that I recommend. A better option is to contact a tablet manufacturer, find out if memory is replaceable, and figure out how hard it is to swap the existing chip for something a bit bigger. If you don’t want to swap a chip but just want to add onto the existing memory, you’ll still need to make sure that your tablet has the capacity to use memory larger than 32GB (or 64GB if you have a Surface RT).

You could ask a retail clerk about a tablet’s capacity to handle more memory, but that might not get you too far (unless you are speaking to a well-trained Apple employee). Typically, Android tablets cannot handle additional memory. Two exceptions to this rule are the Toshiba Thrive and the Samsung Galaxy. Amazon’s Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook both have full expansion possibilities. There may be some additional Android tablets out there that offer the same (contact manufacturers for information).

If you want to go the Apple route, there are some external drive options that will add to your iPad’s current memory. These options include HyperDrive and WiDrive. While you can technically increase your iPad’s memory with these devices, both are USB external drive options. It’s not hard to hook up an external USB drive, so this might be the route to go if you want a tablet that you can add onto without actually cracking open the tablet casing.

If you do have some cracking skills and aren’t afraid of a little tablet operation, any of the Android tablets listed above are ready for additional storage space. Not sure what to get? Take the time to research the tablet you are considering, think about whether or not you can live with just 32GB or 64GB, and always contact a manufacturer (or read through specs carefully) before purchasing any new device.