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Musical digital photo frames are in a category all their own. These frames are capable of playing music, connecting to the Internet, and, of course, displaying digital photos. While there are an abundance of musical photo frames on the market, finding one that has all the right details in all the right places is a different story.
Search for a frame that comes with a button-less touch-screen. While some frames attract fingerprints, those that are loaded with complex buttons are simply confusing. Choosing between wireless and wired is another consideration. Typically, wireless frames make for easier Internet connectivity. If you’re shopping for this novelty, you can expect to pay around $80 to $200 for a musical digital frame.
ViewSonic DPG807 -- $80+
The ViewSonic DPG807 is both user-friendly and affordable. This frame comes with 512MB of memory, a built-in calendar, alarm, and clock, and video and MP3 playback capabilities. Not only is this frame easy to install, it’s also easy on your eyes. The glossy exterior and stylish shape make the DPG807 an instant classic. As with most glossy digital frames of this sort, the DPG807 does have a tendency to pick up fingerprints, but these can be easily wiped away.
Kodak EasyShare M820 Digital Frame -- $80+
Kodak’s line of EasyShare frames have been around for awhile now. The affordable price coupled with a sleek look and user-friendliness make the M820 worthwhile. The quick-touch border is backlit, speakers are included, and up to 300 different pictures can be stored on this frame. Kodak also made the M820 intelligent by placing yellow lights inside of the touch-screen border. These lights let you know exactly where to touch, so that the frame itself stays fingerprint-free. If you’re looking for easy, the EasyShare is top of the line.
Kodak EasyShare W1020 Wireless Digital Frame – $200+
Kodak really does corner the digital frame market, and that’s OK. This frame has built-in Wi-Fi, a 10-inch display, and MP3 storage capabilities. Kodak also made this frame fun by offering users different colored faceplates. Stylish, affordable, and a great way to share pictures, the Kodak EasyShare W1020 Wireless Digital Frame is worth purchasing for a gift or to display your own photos.
Digital Spectrum MF-8115 Premium Wireless Frame -- $70+
Digital Spectrum frames are nowhere near as popular as Kodak frames. Yet, these frames still provide users with a simple interface, good MP3 storage, and a clear image. An LCD screen that is bright and colorful makes viewing photos simple and clear. USB ports make it simple to plug the Digital Spectrum MF-8115 Premium into any computer, and this frame also supports WMV video. What it really comes down to with this frame is price – you can save a fair amount of money by option for this Digital Spectrum frame over all others.