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  • Must-have DSLR Accessories
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Plenty of DSLR accessories exist. Only a handful of these accessories are worth your money. As a general rule, any accessory that protects your camera investment is vital. Screens, lenses, and camera body parts can become easily damaged. Thus, various manufacturers have begun crafting accessories that were built to protect fragile DSLR cameras from everyday wear and tear.

Lens Cleaning Products

The most important part of any camera is its lens. Unfortunately, getting grime inside of a lens is unavoidable. Lens cleaning products will help prevent dirt and grime from forming inside of your camera lens. A lens pen cleaner is one option that’s relatively efficient and inexpensive. Another lens cleaning option is a lint remover, which will eliminate most small pieces of lint from a lens.

Just in case your camera requires deep cleaning, purchasing a lens cleaning kit is intelligent. These kits include liquid cleansing solution that will remove most particles of dirt from a lens. When using this type of kit, make sure to follow manufacturer directions carefully.

LCD Protection

Lenses aren’t the only part of a camera that needs protecting. LCD screens can become quickly damaged if not adequately protected. LCD protectors come in the form of small plastic squares that adhere to an LCD screen. These protectors can be removed and replaced easily. Since LCD protectors are inexpensive, stocking up on this accessory is both cost-effective and wise.

Camera Bag

Most cameras come with bags. Sadly, most of these bags do not provide proper camera protection. A camera bag should not only hold all of your equipment, but it should also be made from durable and waterproof material. You may also want to look for a bag that includes a good amount of shoulder padding. Ideally, you should be able to keep the same bag for the next ten years without any rips or tears.

Additional Battery Power

As with laptop batteries, camera batteries simply don’t last very long. Purchasing an extra battery is one way to avoid an unforeseen battery hassle. If you plan to take professional photographs, changing a dead battery for an extra battery may prove to be too time consuming. In this instance, a battery grip may be a better option. A battery grip will allow you to switch from a used battery to an extra battery within minutes. While most expensive, a grip is frequently the battery back-up of choice for professional photographers.

DSLR Dust Cloth

Dust may seem insignificant, but these small particles of dirt can ruin your lens quickly. A dust cloth should be used to wipe your lens and your LCD screen before and after every use. Look for a dust cloth that has been specially made for use with a digital camera. Note that some dust cloths are not made for delicate objects, and these cloths should be avoided.