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There’s a new app in town, and this one is aimed at making searches easier. Ness is first and foremost a search engine, though the app made its foray in the Apple App Store as a food search engine (I’ll explain later). The idea behind this app is to help you find things that you are looking for based upon your personal preferences.

In short, Ness aims to eliminate the guesswork that searching for something via, say, Google often entails. Instead of combing through various links looking for websites that suit your needs, Ness makes recommendations for you. The app itself holds promises, but Ness has a long way to go before it becomes the number one search engine app.

It Starts With Food

To make its debut, Ness created a food search engine. This means that using Ness right now will only relate to food specific searches. Here’s how it works (in a nutshell). Once you download Ness, the app will ask to connect to your Facebook, FourSquare and other accounts. This is a necessary step, since Ness gains information about your preferences from these sites.

Then, Ness will ask you to rate various restaurants. The restaurants that you like will then be added to a database, and Ness will draw from this database in the future. So, say you love Starbucks. Ness will make a note that you love Starbucks, and then recommend other cafes that are like Starbucks. The whole thing makes finding places you’ll actually want to go easier.

The Trouble With Ness

The first problem with Ness is that it only works in the United States, but this is likely a problem that will be fixed in the near future. The other problem is that apps like these take away from discovery. Sure, it’s nice to be directed to a restaurant that you will like based on previous restaurants that you have liked, but where’s the adventure?

Many apps and websites today are focused on providing individuals with customized services. Many consumers like being told where to find certain items, since this is relatively safe. But, there’s a certain sadness that comes with being told where to go and what to do. Not to mention the fact that advertisers can jump into the mix, and soon you’ll be directed to head to McDonald’s because you liked a family owned cafГ© near your home. This is, no doubt, something to think about before you download an app like Ness.

Benefits of Ness

On the flip side, Ness might be a beneficial app for some people who aren’t into adventure. If you are tired of trying out restaurants that aren’t what they seem, Ness might be the way to go. There’s no doubt that this app is well designed and well intentioned, but it might not be for everyone.

If you’re curious about Ness (free), go ahead and visit the Apple App store. You can use this app with your iPhone or iPad, and the app has just gotten started, so you can expect to see changes and adaptations in the near future.