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  • Adobe's New Cloud-Ready Hardware
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Adobe is known for the company's software, but you will start seeing some hardware from Adobe shortly too. The company has developed a tablet pen called the Project Mighty Pen, and a tablet ruler called the Napoleon. Both of these devices are aimed directly at professional designers (so you can expect high prices), but they both also have some interesting features and purposes.

The Project Mighty Pen

This pen looks like other stylus pens you may have seen, but it has a secret. Adobe's Project Mighty pen is connected to Adobe's cloud. The pen design appears to be about the size and width of a normal graphic design pen, and it will come with a selector button, LED top-mount, and a built-in storage.

As mentioned, this pen also connects to Adobe's cloud, which means that users can simply flip through cloud images and share projects without hassle. Adobe has also created something called 'Contact Detection,' which helps differentiate between the Project Might pen and, say, your finger. So, you can draw and tap to your heart's content, and the pen will know the difference.

The Napoleon Ruler

Adobe didn't just create a pen, though. The company has also created a ruler meant for use with a tablet. The Napoleon ruler helps designers keep things straight when drawing on a tablet, and this ruler is also cloud-connected. By the way, Adobe dubbed this ruler the 'Napoleon' because it is short. Yeah, that's kind of a silly joke, but it's good for a laugh all the same.

Plus, the Napoleon ruler definitely has its place in the graphics world. How many times have you wanted to draw a completely straight line on your tablet? I'm betting that it was a hard task to accomplish. The Napoleon ruler makes creating straight lines easier, and you can also copy and paste a line once it has been created.

Adobe's Pricing and Other Details

It's tough to say, exactly, why Adobe is getting into the hardware game, but it doesn't seem like such an impossible stretch for the company. After all, Adobe is kind of the end-all when it comes to design software, so why should design hardware be so different?

The company hasn't released any details yet regarding pricing or an exact market date. However, Adobe has told press that the two devices are marketed for professional designers, so you can expect a somewhat high price tag on each.

Then again, you may not see these devices at all. Adobe is being coy when it comes to exact details, but sources point to a potential project of sorts. Both the pen and the rule may just be part of an Adobe creation to see if it all works.

If the company deems that the pen and ruler are worthy of shelf space, you'll see both in stores near you at some point, though I'm betting that won't be any time soon. In any case, check out what Adobe has been working on - let's hope both devices go to market too!