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  • The New Asus Router
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Most news that comes from Asus tends to be centered on a new laptop, tablet, or other computing device. But, Asus is branching out this year with the all-new Asus router currently named the RT-AC66U. This router is worth taking a look at (once it hits market shelves) and there’s little doubt that Asus will place a price tag on the new router that’s in line with the low prices consumers have come to expect from the company.

The RT-AC66U Design

While design isn’t always an important factor when buying a device, most consumers want to purchase routers that look sleek and don’t take up too much space. Otherwise, placing a router on your desktop or anywhere inside of your home office might detract from the general dГ©cor and overall Zen look that you are trying to achieve, right? Well, Asus knows a thing or two about design and the RT-AC66U design doesn’t disappoint.

After taking a close look at the specs that Asus has just released, it’s clear that the RT-AC66U was designed with the savvy consumer in mind. This slim router is black in color and encased in hard plastic, but it’s not at all bulky and will fit nicely onto any desktop or in any other small location where you wish to place it. Design aside, Asus has packed some things into this router that are nice, indeed.

Inside the RT-AC66U

The first and most important aspect of any router is its speed capabilities. Speed-wise, the RT-AC66U packs 2.4 GHz Gigabit (dual-band) wireless that also includes a 5-GHz WiFi. If you’re wondering what the overall bandwidth is, Asus is stating that the new router has a complete bandwidth of 1.75Gbps.What do all of these numbers mean? Basically, the new Asus router is fast and can really create some decent speed when it comes to surfing the net or playing with various apps.

Asus has also added a USB port, 3G connectivity, multiple SSIDs, and Asus’ own AiRadar signal technology. In short, this router really packs a punch and it will be a top router for other router companies to contend with. If you’re wondering when you can get your hands on Asus’ new foray into the router field, you’ll have to sit tight. Asus has not yet revealed how long consumers will have to wait until the new router is placed on store shelves or how much this router will retail for. Regardless, the fact that Asus has create a router is a great move for the company.

Asus Is Putting Out Some Great Products

Over the past few months, Asus has really surprised the tech world by offering consumers some very decent tablets and laptops. Even though Asus has always been something of a discount brand, this may no longer be the case. In addition to the new router (which is well worth looking into when it arrives), Asus has debuted a line of new products at the recent Computex 2012 conference in Taipei that should be surfacing within the next few months.