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  • BlackBerry’s New Z10 and BB10
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The former Research In Motion made some major announcements this morning. The first being that the company is no longer called Research In Motion. From now on, the Waterloo company will called: BlackBerry. That’s right, the name of the device is now the name of the company too. In addition to a name change, BlackBerry has announced the first phone to run the new BlackBerry 10 platform. The phone is called the BlackBerry Z10.

The BlackBerry Z10 doesn’t look anything like other BlackBerry phones. For many, the fact that the Z10 is entirely different is a good thing. For some, the phone is too similar to Android and Apple phones. There’s no doubt about it: the line will be deeply divided over BlackBerry’s new phone.

The Elimination of Many Things

At first glance, the Z10 doesn’t look all that different from an Android or Apple smartphone. The phone is very thin, doesn’t have many buttons, and is an all touchscreen phone – this is the part that might upset some BlackBerry fans.

The vast majority of BlackBerry users and dedicated fans like BlackBerry phones because they still offer that iconic BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard. BlackBerry might come out with phones that have QWERTY keyboards too, but the Z10 only has a touchscreen keypad.

Avid BlackBerry users may also have a hard time adapting to the new look of the BlackBerry phone. If BlackBerry fans wanted a phone that looks just like an Android or Apple phone, these users would have just purchased one of those options, right? Then again, anyone wanting a smartphone these days doesn’t have a lot of options now.

The Z10 has an amazing 4.2-inch inch screen with a 1280 x 768 resolution –that means excellent color, deeply viewable text, and a screen that just rocks. BlackBerry has also created a new Hub, which includes all major apps, texts, and messaging. Design of the Z10 aside, the real big deal here is the new BB10 platform.

BB10: Now Like the Rest

BlackBerry’s new platform is really unlike the rest. From the start, it’s clear that this platform is different. To begin with, BlackBerry developers found a new way to wake a phone up from sleep mode, and, no it doesn’t have to do with press a Home button. Instead, users simply have to slide one finger towards the top of the screen from the bottom of the screen.

To lock the phone, users simply have to slide one finger back towards the bottom of the screen. The whole thing is simple and somewhat sophisticated. Plus, it will only take a few seconds to unlock a phone.

Accessing apps and email requires a few unique finger functions too. BlackBerry did not include any kind of Home button with this phone, so you may have a big of a learning curve to master if you’re used to an Android or Apple phone.

Some reviewers believe that it will be hard for new users to grasp the concept behind BalckBerry’s new platform, but you have to remember too that Apple’s iOS was once unique too. In short, anyone can learn how to use this intuitive platform given a few days to check it out. There’s no doubt that BlackBerry will have to market the heck out of this phone and platform, but that’s completely possible. In short, BlackBerry has really done a great job designing this phone, and you should certainly give it a shot.