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  • Canon PowerShot Gets an Update
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Most people will name Canon when asked about camera manufacturers. Sure, Nikon may come in a close second, but Canon has really cornered the point-and-shoot market. Canon’s PowerShot S95 has been the most popular camera of its kind for a long time now. But, all good things must be upgraded, and this is exactly what Canon intends to do by introducing two new PowerShot cameras.

The Canon PowerShot S100 and SX40 HS have been announced by the legendary camera company. If you’re still holding onto a S95 or other older Canon, you’ll be happy to know that both of the new Canon cameras are worthy of the Canon name, and both are excellent replacement cameras.

The PowerShot S100

The old S95 didn’t have great video capabilities. The S100 offers everything that you wanted the S95 to have, but fell short of, including the ability to record in 1080p. Add to that an ISO of 6400, and you have a compact camera that already beats the beloved S95 hands-down. Canon has also thrown in something the company calls “High Speed Burst HQ.”

What does that mean in logical terms? High Speed Burst HQ refers to the DiGiC 5 processor that’s inside of the S100. This processor allows you to capture 9.6 full resolution photos per second – that’s right, full resolution photos. If this camera sounds like the camera you have been waiting for, critics around the world would be hard-pressed to argue with you. It’s safe to assume that people everywhere will be trading in their S95s for the new S100 shortly.

The SX40 HS

So, what about Canon’s other new camera the SX40 HS? Well, this one deserves its own subheading, but it didn’t get all the upgrades that the S100 boasts. Still, there are some things to consider. The SX40 was built to replace the SX30 IS. This camera also includes 1080p recording capabilities and the same High Speed Burst HQ capture feature, but it’s the lens that’s holding this camera back slightly.
Remember that old 35X IS lens that the SX30 IS had?

Well, you’ll find the same lens attached to the SX40 HS. Now, there’s nothing really wrong with the original lens, which is why, presumably, Canon kept the lens intact. But, you’ll also note that Canon kept the body of the original SX30 IS almost the same. One can assume that this is the body needed to support the massive lens the SX40 HS comes with. Some might find it bulky, but that’s really a matter of personal preference.

Price and Availability

Now that you’re ready to go out and snatch one of the new Canon offerings, you’re probably wondering about price and availability. Well, Canon has priced both of these cameras very reasonably at $429. This price is likely to grab the attention of those people who don’t want t shell out thousands for a step up, but are willing to spend more than $200 on a decent camera.

As far as availability goes, both of these cameras will be available within the near future. Keep your eye on your local electronics store or on the Canon website for release date information.