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  • Coming Up: A Dell Smartphone?
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China is quickly becoming an important market for all things technological. Chinese consumers can’t get enough of new technology. This high demand has caused a number of technology giants to turn their heads towards the East. One such company is Dell. The Texas-based company has recently joined arms with Baidu – China’s largest search engine.

Spokespeople for both companies have stated that Baidu and Dell are, in fact, working on a new smartphone launch. This comes as surprising news to North American consumers who haven’t heard much from Dell in awhile. Dell has yet to tap the smartphone market, but it makes sense given the fact that Dell is one of the most popular computer manufacturers out there. So, what can one expect from a smartphone that’s a hybrid of Dell and Baidu?

Future Dell Smartphone Thoughts

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the new Dell smartphone will include. Neither Dell nor Baidu has released any real details. But, Baidu did recently launch “Yi” – a set of helpful developer-friendly Android-based tools. Thus, it isn’t unrealistic to estimate that Baidu may be positioned to turn these tools into some kind of platform for Android.

There’s no doubt that both Dell and Baidu will have to come up with a pretty slick smartphone in order to compete with the other smartphones on the Chinese market. After all, consumers are paying top dollar for fake iPhones through fake Apple stores, so any phone that’s about to enter that market has to be comparable. This seems like an interesting move for Dell, but it seems as though most tech companies that have anything to do with China are heading towards the mobile phone market.

China’s High Mobile Phone Demand

Presently (information derived from InfoWorld.com), China’s mobile market consists of more than 900 million users – that’s a huge market that any tech company would love to have a slice of. Throw in the fact that Dell released a smartphone in China in 2009 that did fairly well, and you have the missing piece of the Dell Baidu puzzle.

It is not very likely that Dell will be releasing a smartphone in North America any time soon. More often than not, companies test the waters in China and Europe before reaching out to more demanding North American markets. If you’re wondering what a Dell smartphone may look like, you can head to Dell’s official website. You won’t find much about the two companies working together, but you can read all about Dell’s original 2009 smartphone.

All Is Quiet on the North American Dell Front
You may have noticed that Dell North America has been very quiet lately. While Dell still creates computers for the college bound set, it seems as though Dell has given up on the North American market. Or, perhaps, the company is just waiting to see how Chinese consumers respond to the latest Dell smartphone offering. Either way, it will be interesting to see how Dell fares with its new Baidu partnership and pending smartphone release.