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  • Messenger For iPad: Coming Soon?
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Tomorrow will mark a big day in Facebook world. The social network is holding a press conference to announce big things that the company is working on. One of those things is likely to be Facebook Messenger for iPad. Currently, Messenger for iPad does not exist. There are all kinds of reasons why creating a Messenger app for the iPad makes a good deal of sense. One of those reasons is that Facebook wants you to get rid of your home phone altogether in lieu of a new Messenger system.

Since Facebook took quite awhile developing a Facebook app for the iPad, it’s no surprise that the company has taken a long time to introduce a Messenger app. It’s also no secret that iPad users want to have a Messenger app, since users have been asking for one for some time now. Presumably, the Facebook Messenger app for iPad will come with everything that mobile users love about the mobile Messenger app.

What the App Will Likely Include

Facebook’s mobile app currently includes messaging options, a slew of emoticons, read receipts, group messaging, location tracking, and the recently introduced voice recording option. Perhaps Facebook will include some additional features for the iPad too. Not only is it likely that Facebook will be releasing a Messenger app for the iPad tomorrow, but the company’s timing also coincides with Microsoft’s newest messenger announcement.

Recently, Microsoft announced that the company would be getting rid of its own messaging service. Why? Perhaps Microsoft knows about Facebook’s upcoming announcement and sees no point in competition. Or, maybe Microsoft has teamed up with Facebook this time around. It’s hard to say, but the timing of these two events is too coincidental.

Will Facebook be announcing other device or services during tomorrow’s press conference? The answer to this question is: almost definitely. Rumors of a new Facebook phone have been surfacing for some time now, so that device might be on the launch table. It’s also possible that Facebook has worked further on its VOIP features.

Available Elsewhere?

One of the most frustrating things about most Facebook announcements is that some services and features are not available in Canada. There’s no doubt that the Messenger service will work on iPads in Canada, but I’m hoping that Facebook brings some of those other mobile features to Canada too. After all, Canadians like to send voice messages just as much as the next guy. For now, though, we’ll have to wait and see what Facebook has in store.

According to reliable sources, the new Facebook Messenger for iPad app is ready to roll, and it’s the biggest thing that’s expected to be announced tomorrow. Will Facebook finally unveil that much anticipated phone too? No real rumors confirming that launch have popped up yet, but that doesn’t mean that Facebook doesn’t have a phone in store!

While the press conference is only open to press, I’ll keep you posted on all that Facebook announces tomorrow, so stay tuned to this site.