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  • Fujifilm's New Retro Camera
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Fujifilm is cashing in on the current retro trend. Everything these days seems to be a tribute to days past, and the Fujifilm X100S is no exception. This camera looks every bit the part of a retro camera, but it's actually a modern digital disguised as a retro. The price, however, leaves me scratching my head.

This Camera's Got Chops

The first thing you'll notice when looking at this camera is the design. The new Fujifilm X100S could have come out of Don Draper's office. If you have an older camera kicking around, the fixed lens style and box-like exterior will be familiar to you. Fujifilm basically snatched the design from popular 60's cameras, and packed this case with digital technology.

On the back of the X100S, you will find a 2.8-inch LCD and a number of controls. Most important of all these controls is a "Q" button that acts as a quick access button to various settings that are frequently changed.Fujifilm has also added a hybrid viewfinder to the mix, that's both clever and completely unique.

The Hybrid Viewfinder

This viewfinder lets users switch from a regular viewfinder to a high-resolution finder in an instant. This can be done with the flick of a switch that can be found on the front of the camera.

Fixed Lens

This camera enters the high-priced fixed lens market space. As such, the lens that is part of the X100S isn't removable or replaceable. Instead, this lens is completely fixed. Fujifilm has fixed a 23mm f/2.0 to the camera base, and that's what you will be stuck with if you purchase this camera.

When tested, this camera did produce nice and crisp images, but I'm still wondering whether or not Fujifilm priced this camera a bit on the high side. For a fixed lens camera with a retro look, you'll have to shell out more than a bit of cash.

Pricing and Availability

If you really want that retro look, the price to look great while snapping photos is $1299.99. This is definitely not a cheap camera. Nor is it really a pocket camera, since that stuck lens really makes it hard to stuff the X100S in a pocket. But, this camera is for someone. Who?

It seems as though Fujifilm is targeting the retro market here. The company is cashing in on a bit of nostalgia by creating a decent camera with a high price. Whether or not this camera will sell remains to be seen, but I'm betting it gains some attention based on design alone.

Where You Can Find It

Can't live without that quintessential 'Mad Men' look? You can find Fujifilm's new retro 100S camera through the Fujifilm website. Should you buy it? That depends on what you're looking for. There might be better fixed lens cameras on the market, but this is one of the most stylish you'll find.

Are you willing to pay for that retro cool look? Or, is this camera simply not worth that over $1,000 price tag? Let me know what you think!