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  • Get Ready for Google: New Devices Coming
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Tis the season for new devices, and this season is kicking off with Google. Google has alerted press that the company will be debuting a number of new devices on October 29th. During a scheduled press conference, Google’s new devices will be revealed. What is Google working on? So far, there are many reliable rumors surfacing starting with an all-new Nexus 7 tablet. What else is Google in the midst of creating? Here’s a look at what Google will present on October 29th.

Tablets, Tablets, and More Tablets

Manufacturers have gone tablet crazy lately. From hybrids to tablets that hang from frames, tablets are the wave of the tech future. Google is set to release a 32GB Nexus 7 tablet. The company will also release a Nexus 7 tablet with WiFi support. There’s also a possibility that Google is working with Samsung on a tablet that will be called the Nexus 10. The Nexus 10 will run on Android’s latest OS called “Key lime Pie.” To go along with the Nexus 10, Google is also working on a new Nexus smartphone with the help of LG.

The press release that Google sent out also hinted at some changes to Google Play. Quite obviously, Google is trying to compete with Microsoft, since Microsoft’s own big press conference will be held on October 29th. Apple is also getting into the late October device release competition. Apple will be revealing a new iPad on October 23rd (presumably the iPad Mini). As you can tell, the end of October will be packed to the brim with new device announcements from a lot of major manufacturers.

Good Timing For All

It’s no coincidence that Microsoft, Google, and Apple are all preparing late October device launches. The end of October marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season for many consumers. Combined with the upcoming American Thanksgiving (the day after marking the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S.), Google, Apple, and Microsoft are all aiming for your holiday dollars. If you want to know what will be hot this holiday season, you can’t miss with a tablet or tablet hybrid. Windows 8 is set to be the biggest thing on the horizon, and a number of tablet manufacturers are creating tablets that are specific to the new Microsoft OS.

The first company coming up in October is Apple followed by Google and Microsoft. All three companies will be directly competing with each other. Microsoft is set to introduce some Windows 8 specific tablets during the company’s upcoming press conference too. There’s no doubt about it, this holiday shopping season will be all about tablets – namely, who’s got the best one and what OS to go with. If you are in the market for a tablet, my advice is to wait and see what’s on the horizon. There’s no doubt that new Windows 8 tablets will be huge, but Apple’s iPad Mini might be worth waiting for too. Make sure to check back for additional information about Google, Microsoft, and Apple as the press conferences unfold.