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  • The New (New) G+ App
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Google Plus was running at a fast pace right out of the gate. The network arrived right when people started closing their Facebook accounts. Getting the hang of G+ is still a bit tricky, and its overall one or purpose has yet to be defined (try as some might). Yet, people simply crave something that isn’t run by Mark Zuckerberg.

As soon as G+ burst onto the scene, Facebook slowed down. Now, Google wants to keep that momentum rolling. So, the next natural step was an iPhone app. The first app for G+ that Google released was lackluster and full of buggy holes. Google says that this app release was a mistake. Hot on the first app’s heels was another G+ app that runs a lot better than the first one did. Still, one has to wonder if Google rushed too quickly into the app game.

The New (New) G+ App

With the new G+ app, you can view your circles, streams, photos, and you can even “huddle.” Huddling allows you to meet up with one or two other G+ users who are in your circles for a sort of private chat. All of these features work relatively well when using the new G+ app, though the streams can be a bit slow at times.

For the time being, it isn’t possible to share posts using the G+ app. Since Facebook and Twitter apps allow this feature, it’s important that Google steps up the sharing game quickly. That said, Google representatives have stated that they are working on updating the app. Make sure to stay tuned for updates, and make sure to actually allow updates when you receive a notification. Otherwise, you may be missing out on a key G+ feature.

Small Annoyances

Sometimes silence is truly golden. Sadly, silence doesn’t happen often within the smartphone world. The G+ app makes it even harder to remain silent and anonymous. Every time you are added to a circle, your iPhone will let you know. You will also be notified of any huddle conversation updates once you have closed the G+ app.

Interestingly, you won’t receive any huddle notifications (“X has requested a huddle”) if you close the G+ app. For some, this may be a slight drawback. For others, not knowing about every little update isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

How Does the G+ App Measure Up?

The new G+ app feels a bit rushed. While simple enough to navigate, it is missing some important features. To be fair, Google says that this app is a work in progress, but this reviewer wonders whether or not Google should have waited to make this app happen. Then again, playing the waiting game when it comes to a new social media platform that’s really taking off could be a dangerous game.

It’s hard not to notice the recent Facebook and Twitter lull. As more companies and social media mavens move to investigate G+, the rest of the social networking world goes quiet. Yet, there’s not much happening in the G+ world either. It seems that people are teetering on the edge of something different, but, as history has taught us, change hardly ever happens overnight.