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  • The New iPod Nano: How Is It Different?
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One of Apple’s latest releases was the new iPod Nano. Since its release, some are finding it hard to distinguish between the new Nano and the old Nano. What’s new? What has Apple done differently? More importantly, should you buy the new Nano? If you’re just as confused as most people, there are some differences. But, in all honesty, these differences aren’t all that earth shattering. Before you convince yourself that you need the latest Nano, here are some things to think about.

The Screen Is Bigger

As the subheading states, the new Nano’s screen is larger. How much larger? The current iPod Nano screen measures 2.5-inches, which is larger than the previous screen. Apple claims that you can view things on this screen, and you can, but are you really going to view many things on a screen that’s under 3-inches? Probably not. But, the reality is that the new iPod Nano does have a larger screen. What else is new? Well, the way that you transfer files is a lot different than it used to be.

File Transfers: Back Again

Interestingly, Apple has moved away from the iCloud with the new Nano. Instead of urging users to head to the Cloud, the new Nano requires actual file transfers. To transfer files using the new Nano, you must plug your Nano into your computer and use iTunes. From there, you can download songs, cover art, and anything else that you want to see on your new Nano screen. Aside from a larger screen and the whole file transfer thing, the new Nano also comes with lots of additional buttons.

Buttons! It’s all about buttons!

Apple has really spent a lot of time working on the design of the Nano. The new Nano comes with various buttons that you may already be familiar with. Like, for example, a Home button. You’ll also find a volume button on the right hand side of the Nano, and a wake/sleep button. Sound familiar? That’s because Apple has looked long and hard at what makes the iPhone and the iPod Touch so great. The conclusion that Apple has come to, it seems, is that the new Nano needs some buttons. So, you now have three things to look forward to: a new screen, file transfers, and additional buttons.

The new Apple iPod Nano is a great way to listen to music. In fact, some argue that the Nano is still the gold standard when it comes to MP3 and AAC files. You just have to be cool with that whole file transfer thing. If that doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, the addition of necessary buttons is definitely a good thing. It also can’t hurt that the Nano now has a bigger screen. You might not watch movies on that screen, but you can navigate apps, see album art, and view other Nano-like items on the new Nano screen.

So, is it worth upgrading to the new iPod Nano? If you have a much older version and you want something more current, it might be worth upgrading to the new Nano. If you have the last generation Nano and aren’t digging the whole file transfer thing, the new Nano might not be especially intriguing. Right now, the newest iPod Nano is retailing for $149.