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  • The New iPod Touch Reviewed
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Yesterday, Apple unveiled the new iPod Touch (in addition to numerous other devices). This version of the Touch is vastly different from the old version. This may or may not be a good thing, but I’ll get to that in a minute. For those who don’t have an iPhone, the iPod Touch is the next best thing. Really, the Tough is, and was, an iPhone that didn’t have the phone function. The Touch runs apps, looks like an iPhone, and comes with various features that anyone seeking an iPhone-like device will enjoy.

It’s been awhile since Apple completely revamped the Touch. Now, the Touch is completely new design and all, which makes this Touch the one that everyone will want. In some ways, the new Touch looks like the new iPhone down to the aluminum that’s wrapped around the Touch. In other ways, it’s really just the old Touch revamped (and clothed in prettier colors). But, there is one new thing about the Touch that some may love – and other may despise.

The New Touch Design

If you like colors, you’ll love the new Touch. The latest version of the Touch comes in five different rainbow bright colors including yellow, blue, black, red, and white. These colors are bright and eye-catching, but the new Touch colors are just half the story. In addition to a multitude of great colors, the Touch also comes with an all-aluminum backing, which is a lot easier to glide your fingers across than a glass or plastic version. That cool aluminum edge wraps just around the side of the Touch too, so that you can see a glint of silver (a nice, well, touch). The other noticeable design feature is that this Touch has a slightly larger screen, so you will see all of your favorite apps full-size.

New Features: Love Them or Hate Them!

Here’s the one thing that Touch users will either love or hate: the new Touch comes with a 5-megapixel front facing camera. The old Touch only had a video camera, but this camera is full-blown regular camera. For some, the addition of a camera makes a lot of sense and is a great idea. For others (especially those who don’t want their kids to have an iPhone), the new camera just spells disaster. Either way, the Touch camera is here to stay for now.

The new Touch has the same processor that the iPhone 4S has, comes with the new iPhone 5 screen (a nice wide version), and will retail for $299 (3GB) or $399 (64GB). The Touch will be available in October, which may seem like a long way away, but, really, is just a matter of weeks – and right in time for that hectic holiday season! Apple’s new iPod Touch has gained a lot of attention and is really the one thing (in addition to the iPhone 5) that Apple fans are looking forward to this October. With the many devices that are now hitting the market, Apple’s products are still taking center stage.