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  • New LG Smartphones Coming
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If you’re a fan of what LG has been putting out in the way of smartphones these past few years, you’ll be happy to know that the company has a few new phones on the horizon. According to a recent press release, LG will be debuting a series of “L-Style” phones in Barcelona next week. While LG isn’t one of the biggest names in the smartphone world, many people enjoy the look and ease of various LG phones. There’s very little doubt that LG will be keeping in line with the types of phones that LG fans typically go for.

Some New LG Phone Details

While the company doesn’t want to reveal too much about the new phones prior to the official launch, an LG representative did tell a Mashable reporter that the company is focusing more on the look of the upcoming phones and less on other features. Spending time and energy developing phones that look appealing is a good move for LG, since many of the company’s fans tend to gravitate towards phones that look a certain way (according to LG market research). You can expect the phones to be slim in size, easy to carry, and accentuated with those small metal details that make LG phones stand out.

The “Optimus” line phones that LG is expected to debut include a 4.3-inch, 4.0-inch, and a 3.2-inch phones. If you happen to live in the Barcelona area and can attend the Mobile World Congress, you can get a first glance at LG’s new lineup. If not, the company will be marketing the new Optimus line in Europe during the month of March, and in North America (presumably) following that release. All three phones will run on Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich.

Are LG Phones Worth the Buy?

In the past, LG smartphones are priced low, come with plenty of important features, and are easily comparable to some of the top smartphones on the market. There’s no doubt that LG will be concentrating on some of the features that make current LG phones possible with the new Optimus line, and this may put LG phones at the front of the newly release smartphone batch. If you are in the market for a new smartphone, it could be a few months before the LG Optimus line hits North American markets, but I’m guessing that the wait will be worth it in the long run.

LG is known for consistent quality in addition to very affordable prices. Needless to say, the new LG Optimus lineup will be a series of smartphones to watch for in the coming months. For now, unless you live in Barcelona or in Europe, you can check out the LG website after next week in order to see what the new phones look like. Judging from pre-released specs and photos, these phones will be desirable based on looks alone (the addition of the newest Android OS doesn’t hurt either!). Check back in a few weeks to see a complete review once the phones hit the market.