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  • Lytro: Not Your Average Camera
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Weighing in at less than eight ounces and shaped like a viewfinder, it’s safe to say that Lytro is unlike any other camera you’ve ever seen before. In fact, it’s unlike any other camera that most people have ever seen before. Some are billing Lytro as the future of cameras. Others believe that Lytro is nothing more than a fad. Whatever it is, you’ll want to check out this camera once it hits store shelves.

Not only is Lytro different in size, shape, and weight, it is also a camera built upon an entirely different concept. Most digital cameras cannot take a photo until the camera has been allowed an adequate amount of time to focus. Lytro, on the other hand, doesn’t need to focus. This camera is focus-free, so you can simply snap and go – a concept that’s hard to grasp at first.

Snap and Go

Think about the current digital camera that you own. Once you aim your camera at a subject, you will have to focus your camera manually or allow the camera to focus automatically. Focusing on a subject can take quite a few minutes to accomplish. Lytro doesn’t focus at all, so once you take a photo, that photo will be snapped instantly – no more missed moments or pictures. Lytro also comes with a small touchscreen, so you can see what you’re taking a photo of instantly.

Granted, the touchscreen that Lytro has is smaller than average, but it’s a touchscreen all the same. From start to finish, there’s nothing complex about Lytro. A couple of simple buttons allow users to operate this camera while the touchscreen does its work. Perhaps the most complicated things about Lytro are the colors.

A Work of Camera Art

Looking at Lytro, it’s easy to see why some people consider this camera a work of art. Lytro is thin and smooth, but it also comes in a few shocking colors. If you were to opt for the 8GB model, you can choose from a shocking electric blue or graphite shell. If you decide to purchase the 16GB, you will be selecting the Fire Red color. All of these colors are eye-catching, and exactly what you’d expect from an innovative camera of this sort, but there’s more than meets the eye too.

Lytro was built for those who like to network socially. You can plug Lytro into your computer via USB, and you will be presented with various social network sharing options. With one click you can send photos to Facebook or Twitter. While not a camera for professional photographers, Lytro may just be the next thing that amateur shutterbugs aim for.

Availability and Price

Lytro cameras are available on the Lytro website (same name) through pre-sale right now. The 8GB camera will retail for around $399 and the 16GB for around $499. Both of these cameras have an amazingly long battery life (around two weeks!), so they are perfect for traveling. Has Lytro added a price tag to these cameras that’s just too high? Only time will tell. For now, you can head to the Lytro website for more information about the world’s next digital camera offering.