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  • SmartGlass: Next on Microsoft’s Plate
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Just because you haven’t heard anything about Xbox recently, doesn’t mean that this gaming console is dead. Sure, the days of popular gaming consoles seem to be a thing of the past, but Microsoft may just prove that theory wrong with the launch of the all-new SmartGlass. What is SmartGlass, you might ask? Is it some kind of intelligent glass or some form of bulletproof glass that Microsoft will make millions off of? Well, not exactly. But, SmartGlass is an app that avid Xbox gamers will want to take a close look at because, well, it’s just smart.

What Is SmartGlass, Exactly?

You know how some Xbox games would just be better if you had a second screen? How some would just be easier to control and view if you could, say, see details on a map that are located on another device? Well, this is the idea behind SmartGlass. SmartGlass is, technically, an app that will be available soon for Windows 8 mobile devices and tablets. The app will allow users to control Xbox games using a tablet or mobile phone, since the app will act as a remote control. But, SmartGlass does more than this too. SmartGlass not only allows users to control games using a Windows 8 device, but this app will become a second, smaller, screen that certain Xbox games will work nicely with.

For example (and this is what Microsoft used for an example when demonstrating the app), if you were playing a Game of Thrones game and you wanted to see where fighting was taking place on a map, activating the SmartGlass app would allow you to blow up that map on smaller screen while still playing the video game on your home screen – two device to better your gaming pleaser, basically. Not only will SmartGlass act as a controller and a second screen, users will also be able to switch from one Windows 8 device to the next without losing a beat – talk about practical!

What About Other Devices?

If you currently have an iOS, Android, or other device, don’t worry too much. It’s well within Microsoft’s interest to bring SmartGlass to as many different platforms as possible, and Microsoft has told press that the company plans to create a SmartGlass app for all available platforms. When will all of this happen and when can you get your hands on the new SmartGlass? Well, the app isn’t quite ready, but Microsoft is in demonstration mode, so that means that the app will be coming out very soon.

If you want to check out some videos that Microsoft has set up or learn more about SmartGlass, you can always visit the Microsoft website. SmartGlass is one of the few things to come from the Xbox world within the last few months, and it certainly seems like an app that a lot of gamers are going to get hyped up about. If you are an Xbox fan, will you download the SmartGlass app? There’s no word yet on whether or not the app will be free, but I’m betting that there will be a small fee to use this app, though it might be worth it. What do you think? Let me know!