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  • The Nokia Lumia

It’s been awhile since Nokia made any kind of cell phone splash, but don’t let that silence fool you. Nokia is still very much in the smartphone game. To prove just how involved the company still is within the smartphone world, Nokia has just announced its latest addition: the Nokia Lumia. Not only is this phone pretty to look at, it just might be the best Windows smartphone offering on the market.

Then again, billing a phone as the best Windows phone out there isn’t saying much. Windows currently only corners 2% of the smartphone market. The majority is covered by, you guessed it, Apple with Android coming in a close second. Is there room for another OS? So far, consumers haven’t been impressed with what Windows has to offer, but the Lumia may change all of that. If not, it’s safe to say that the Lumia might be the last Windows OS straw.

Lumia’s Design

When it comes to smartphones, design is very important. The iPhone 4 is solid, relatively easy to handle, and feels like something that’s worth hundreds of dollars. The Nokia Lumia is noticeably lighter, but it’s also designed with the consumer in mind. Nokia has never gone the cheap route when it comes to phone design, and the Lumia isn’t any kind of exception to this rule.

Nokia has told press that the company tested the Lumia’s shell numerous times to make sure that this phone doesn’t scratch, wear, or lose its color when touched by greasy or lotion-filled hands. As such, the phone itself looks and feels like any decent phone should. The screen is wide enough to use and the casing is tapered on either side, but it is also flat enough to place on a table without worrying about the phone tipping over. In short, Nokia put a lot of thought into the design of this phone.

Windows OS

As mentioned, the Lumia does run Window’s latest OS: Mango. A lot has been said about Mango, and it is a solid OS. The main problem with Mango is that there aren’t a lot of apps available for consumers using a Windows phone. This might change with the introduction of the Lumia if a number of people decide to purchase this phone. Let’s hope that developers begin creating Windows apps or the whole Windows smartphone connection could be thrown out the window.

The Lumia does run Mango smoothly, there’s nothing really bad about this OS, and first-time Mango users will find the OS easy enough to operate. If you’re coming from an iPhone, it may take some time to get used to Mango, but you will certainly appreciate the shape, size, and feel of the Lumia.

Other Inclusions

The Lumia comes with Carl Zeiss optics, a large and very nice to look at screen, and plenty of great features. As far as availability goes, you should see the Lumia on store shelves within the next month – just in time for that holiday shopping spree.