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  • The New and Improved Panasonic Lumix
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Camera manufacturers have been taking an interesting route lately. Instead of perfecting lenses and cameras, most manufacturers have been creating new lenses that can be sold to consumers at a higher price than the in-box lens. Panasonic has decided not to follow in competitor footsteps. The company’s latest Lumix FZ200 comes with a lens that is a drastic improvement from the old Lumix lens. So much of an improvement, in fact, that the new Lumix FZ200 is now a really decent buy if you’re looking for something that’s better than a point-and-shoot, but not as expensive as a professional-type camera.

The Lumix Lens

Since the new Lumix is really all about the lens, I’ll start there. The Lumix FZ200 comes with a really nice zoom lens. The specs on that lens look like this: f2.825-600mm, Leica-brand, and the ability to take excellent photos when light isn’t optimal. Basically, you can use this camera and lens to take all kind of photos in the dark, and those photos will show up crystal clear thanks to the new Lumix lens. In addition to the lens that Panasonic has perfected, the new Lumix also comes with some quality features worth pointing out.

Lumix FZ200 Features

If you are familiar with the previous Lumix model (FZ150), you’ll note right away that the FZ200 definitely takes many of its features from the earlier model. Some of those features include a high-resolution viewfinder, autofocus, and a MOS sensor (12-megapixel). For those who prefer to shoot manually, there’s also a manual focus option available. Those who will get the most out of the Lumix FX200 are photographers who tend to shoot a lot of moving subjects.

Thanks to the Lumix’s quick burst capabilities, moving subjects can often be captured with little to no effort. The new Lumix is, all around, a great camera to select if you’re looking for something that’s a cross between a high-end camera and a point-and-shoot. However, the price that Panasonic has attached to this camera may put some people off.

Pricing and Availability

Panasonic has attached a $599 price tag to the new Lumix. This is a lot more than the average point-and-shoot goes for, but it’s also a lot less than those top-brand cameras that retail for more than $1000. The new Lumix will please most amateur photographers, but it’s not a camera that was built for professional photography, so keep this in mind if you aim to shoot photos for a living.

As far as availability goes, the new Lumix is currently available through a number of online retailers including Amazon.com. If you prefer to check out the new Lumix in person, you’ll find that many big box stores carry the newest Lumix model too. It’s nice to see that Panasonic isn’t trying to upsell consumers with new lenses while keeping the older, inferior, lens in tact. Instead, Panasonic has decided to make its current lens even better, and that’s an admirable move. If you’re looking for a holiday gift in camera form, the Panasonic Lumix is an excellent buy.