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  • Using the New Pandora App
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Are you a Pandora fan? With more than 150 million subscribers in the U.S. alone, Pandora is a big deal. So is the Pandora app.

Just yesterday, Pandora announced that the company would be updating its iOS and Android apps. In addition, Pandora will be creating an app for Windows phones.

If you already have the Pandora app and aren’t sure about upgrading, there are some great new features worth having.

Facebook Integration

Pandora is now deeply integrated with Facebook. When you sign into your Pandora account using your Facebook login, you will be able to see what your friends are listening to. You will also have a chance to share what you’re listening to with your friends. This integrating is right in line with other apps that are leaning towards Facebook. Yearning to show the world that you have excellent and unusual music taste? Pandora will make that happen.

Search Is Even Better

One of the great things about the Pandora app is the search feature. With the new upgrade, you can still search for music using this feature. Only now, searches will return more results, and you can search by genre. Looking to find out what exactly Indie Jazz Fusion Funk is? Well, now you can. Never used Pandora’s search feature? Make sure to check it out before you decide on another music streaming service.

Privacy Settings: No Longer Disguised

Gone are the days of hard to find privacy settings. Now, you can change your Pandora settings with one swipe. Want to make your profile private? No problem. Worried about who gets to see your Facebook Pandora posts? Change it in a flash. Pandora has taken privacy seriously this time around, and that’s a good thing.

The Same Payment Plans

Pandora hasn’t changed its payment scheme. In case you’re wondering, right now it costs $3.99 per month to listen to music advertisement-free. Pandora also offers a free version, but you will have to deal with those pesky ads regularly. At $3.99 per month, you’ll be paying $50 per year. Not a bad deal if you think about the cost of actually buying every song you like from a service like iTunes.

Coming to Windows Phones

As mentioned, Pandora plans to bring its popular app to Windows phones. This will, no doubt, entice some Pandora users who are considering making the switch from Android or iOS to Windows. Right now, Microsoft has thousands of apps available in its Windows store, but you can bet that number will increase drastically over the next year.

Add Pandora to the list of available Windows apps coming to you by the end of this year.
Not only has Pandora added some new features to its iOS and Android apps, but the music company has also created a slicker app interface.

Navigating each app is now simpler and cleaner, and just gives the whole service a better look. Curious about Pandora? Give the app a try. The iOS and Android updates are currently available.