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  • The New PayPal Site Design: How to Navigate It
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The PayPal site has largely stayed the same for years now. This company is rarely in the news when it’s positive news (though much negative press has come to the payment system over the years!), and updates seem to be something that PayPal doesn’t make a point of working on – until now, that is. PayPal has realized that the old payment site really needs some new improvements, and that’s exactly what has happened to the site over the past few months.

These improvements have largely gone under the radar, since PayPal has only allowed a certain portion of the population to check out the new updates as the site morphs. Within a few weeks, everyone who uses PayPal will have the opportunity to see how the site has changed. Right now, there are some known updates to the PayPal site that are outlined below.

An Easier Sign In and Simpler User Interface

One of the most frustrating things about the old PayPal is the sign-in process. It was impossible for the site to remember a user login, sometimes the login didn’t work at all, and the site itself was simply unappealing in so many ways. PayPal has made improvements to the login section of the site by making the sign in process much easier. There’s no word yet as to whether or not users will be able to sign in with a social network account like Facebook, but this might be a possibility.

In addition to a revamped login process, the new Facebook site will simply look better. You know all of those unexplained tabs and confusing sections? Those will all be gone from the new site. Have you ever spent hours flipping through past history or payments with much frustration? Never again will you have to waste time trying to figure out how the site works and where the information you want to see is located. All of these things have been improved and are almost ready for the public to view. In addition to a new user interface and login process, the new site will also include better security – a really important addition.

A More Secure Site

Few things are more frightening than the possibility of having your PayPal account hacked. If you have any kind of money in your account, store your banking information, or include important transactions and details in your account, letting these bits of information slip into the wrong hands means disaster. PayPal execs have learned a good lesson from the latest LinkedIn hacks, and the site is now more secure than ever before.

PayPal is offering rewards to “researchers” who go through the site and report bugs to site administrators via a secure bug reporting network. There’s no word yet as to how much PayPal intends to pay researchers, but rumor has it that the site is prepared to pay a good amount to those who spend time looking for PayPal bugs. If you have some time to spare and know your way around bugs, you might want to look into this deal for some extra cash!