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  • The New Samsung Galaxy
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Samsung has done something that most companies avoid. The electronics company has managed to get into a scrape with Apple. When Samsung released its first Galaxy smartphone, Apple executives took a keen interest in the iPhone look-alike. The Galaxy was so close to resembling the iPhone in every manner that Apple took legal action.

Samsung saw Galaxy phones fly off store shelves as more and more consumers realized that the Galaxy was as close as they could come to obtaining an iPhone without paying the hefty iPhone price. But, there is a clear difference between the iPhone and the original Samsung Galaxy. The Galaxy is a lot flimsier for one. Regardless of its ongoing Apple troubles, Samsung is about to launch the next generation of Galaxy phones.

The New Samsung Galaxy Arrival

Those who wear important hats over at Samsung recently announced that August will bring a new Galaxy phone to North America. The new edition to the Galaxy family has already been released in South Korea and certain parts of Europe. Relatively well received in these countries, Samsung feels that it’s now time to bring the new Galaxy to North America.

Rumor has it that the next iPhone launch will take
place in August as well (though some project September). Samsung has no chance of copying the new iPhone, but the Samsung S2 does stick with some very familiar iPhone design elements. Apple’s impending lawsuit doesn’t seem to faze Samsung in the least.

Why Apple Has Problems With Samsung

Apple expects competition. With billions of iPhones sold all over the world, there’s no way that Apple couldn’t expect competition. What Apple doesn’t want is another company copying the way that the iPhone operates and looks. After all, that’s plain patent infringement. But, what about all the other companies that are trying to compete with Apple?

The difference is that other cell phone developers are looking to create something better than the iPhone. Samsung, on the other hand, is simply looking to cash in on the iPhone buzz. To Apple, this difference is fundamental. So, how is the new Samsung S2 different than the iPhone?

The New Samsung Difference

Samsung has managed to sell more than 3 million S2 phones thus far. Of course, this is not including upcoming North American sales. Why is the S2 so much better than the first Galaxy? The S2 is much thinner than the original Galaxy. It is also one of the lightest smartphones on the market at the moment.
Again similar to the iPhone, the S2 has a hard “home” button that returns users to the original home screen.

The S2 also comes with an 8-megapixel camera, dual core processor, over-the-air data syncing, and an AMOLED screen. The reviews coming out of Europe and Korea are promising, and there’s very little bad press surrounding the new S2.

The question now is: will the S2 prove to be better than the new iPhone 5? Of course, this is a hard question to answer given that Apple hasn’t yet released the iPhone 5. Some say that the new iPhone will be a complete remodel capable of turning the most loyal Android fan into an iPhone enthusiast. Others say that the new iPhone rumors are just rumors. I say wait on purchasing the new S2 until the new iPhone arrives. Only then can you make a truly intelligent choice!