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  • Samsung's New Smartwatch Has Arrived
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You knew it was coming. Now it's here. The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, that is. Samsung had to step into the smartwatch ring, and the company unveiled its new device at the IFA show in Berlin, Germany, this week. What does it look like? Is it worth the price? Where can you get it? Take a look!


I'm not a huge fan of smartwatches. For me, they tend to resemble those really bad calculator watches that were all the rage in the 1990s. In fact, that's what Samsung's new watch looks like. This watch has a big face, an orange fabric/rubber band, and an orange background. Not a fan of orange? It also comes in grey, black, beige, and that lovely orange.

It's also digital, and Samsung shows it off with images of weather reports on the face of the watch. What does it do? This is where Samsung will sell some Gear watches.

The Purpose

The Gear watch acts as a liaison between your smartphone and your watch. Instead of pulling out your phone to listen to music or control apps, you can just use your watch (which controls music and apps on your phone). This watch also makes calls, if you want to go that route (though you might look a little odd talking to your wrist while walking down the street).

Charging and Battery Life

This watch runs on an internal battery that has to be charged using Samsung's charger (an odd-looking device). If you're out and about and your watch dies, you're out of luck if you don't have that charger (no USB). What else do you get? The Gear also comes with a camera, and an interface that looks simple to use (swipe and swipe some more). You will also have the chance to use apps with the Gear.

App Selection

Samsung has told press that the Gear will have around 70 apps available and optimized for the watch. The company already has Path, eBay, RunKeeper, and Evernote in its pocket with more to come soon. Does the watch work with any Android phone? Sadly, no. The Gear only works with the Galaxy Note 3 for the time being. Samsung will likely make the watch compatible with other Android phones in the near future, though.

This watch can also locate your lost phone via Bluetooth, and it simply seems fun to use. Will you be able to live without the Gear? Probably. Is it interesting and inventive? You bet! It's also not the first smartwatch that you'll see.

More Watches to Come

I'm not sure how or why companies are jumping on the smartwatch bandwagon, but that is the current case. As such, you will be seeing a lot more of these watches pop up soon. Samsung wanted to get its watch out there before the rest, so that's why the early release happened. Dare I say that Samsung didn't want to be accused of copying another company's thoughts, designs, or otherwise?

Would you buy this watch?