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  • Square Steps Into Etsy Territory
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Square has just stepped foot into Amazon territory. Yesterday, Square announced 'Square Marketplace.' Square Marketplace is an online platform for small shop owners to show off their goods online - kind of like an Etsy or other ecommerce platform. Directly competing with Amazon's marketplace, Square's marketplace lets sellers post items for free.

The Square Marketplace Deal

Square will let sellers post items for free, but the company will take 2.75% from every item sold. Amazon, on the other hand, charges sellers $0.99 just to list an item. If you aren't sure how many items you will sell (if any), that 2.75% deal might be the better one. What kinds of items are currently in the Square marketplace?

Right now, Square's Marketplace looks like Etsy. You'll find all kinds of handmade goods, vintage items, and other bits and pieces that you probably wouldn't find on a site like Amazon. The Square Marketplace interface kind of looks like Etsy too, and it appears to be simple to use. It's hard to forget, too, that Square's mobile payment system was designed for small businesses just like the ones that will be displaying goods in its marketplace.

Mobile Payment Match Up

Imagine this scenario: you list items for sale in Square Marketplace, and then you use your mobile Square payment setup to let your clients pay for those items. It's a match made in Square heaven! But, is it going to give the likes of Amazon a run for its money? It's hard to see how any company (even Square) could put a serious dent in Amazon's revenue. After all, it's Amazon. But, Square may certainly provide some competition for sites like Etsy.

At the very least, the Square Marketplace is a nice site that lets artists display goods to the general population. At the most, it's a site that will give Amazon and Etsy a run for their money - quite literally. I also like the idea that artists don't have to pay to list items in Square's marketplace. Paying per item can get costly, especially if you don't manage to sell a ton of items.

How to List in Square Marketplace

Love the idea of Square's new Marketplace? Or, maybe you already use Square's mobile payment system? To list items on Square's new ecommerce platform, you will have to contact the company to get on the beta list. Already, Square's new market is full of great shops to check out, so shop to your heart's content if shopping is what you're all about!

What do you think? Will Square be able to take on Amazon or is a site like Etsy more likely? Will you post items for sale in the Square market? Do you use the Square mobile payment system? Let me know what you think of Square's new ecommerce idea. I think that Square has something good going here, but it also has the potential to fail if the site doesn't get enough notice. Make sure to check it out by visiting Square's main site!