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  • Two-Step Verification Coming to Twitter
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Here's something that is beyond necessary: Twitter is implementing a two-fact internal authentication sign-in process. Too little too late? At least the social network is doing something about recent hacks, and, frankly, this new security measure can't come soon enough!

With one swift hack and a single tweet, the stock market took a momentary plummet when news that the White House had been attacked was sent out. This news came from one of the most trusted news sources: AP News. So, you can imagine just how far this news spread (all the way to investors, no less). The news turned out to be false, but it leaves a lot of people wondering just how secure Twitter is.

Too Many Hacks

As of late, news sources that use Twitter have been targeted by all kinds of hackers. CBS News and AP News are just two of the companies facing a PR disaster. Twitter has been working on a two-step authentication process since last November, but the company is just starting test the process. Why is this process taking Twitter so long to complete?

Google, Facebook, and other companies have already implemented a two-step process, and here's Twitter with a completely open login system that anyone, apparently, can hack. One explanation might be that some Twitter users log into accounts from multiple locations. This might be a tough problem for Twitter to solve given various technical complexities. But, still, Twitter needs to speed things up.

When Will This Process Be Put Into Place?

When will Twitter's two-step authentication process finally be complete? It's really tough to say, but Twitter is testing a process right now. To further jump into that problem mentioned above, it currently stands that both Google and Facebook (and Microsoft) send out a confirmation text message to users in order to initiate the two-step process. This isn't so easy to do when one account belongs to multiple users.

However, Twitter did hire a bunch of new engineers recently in order to solve these problems. It's likely, then, that you will see a two-step Twitter sign-in process in the near future. Unfortunately, it's too late for some accounts that have already been hacked.

Social Media Isn't Powerful

To those who state that social media isn't that powerful, take a look at what happened with Twitter yesterday. AP News can grinding to a halt thanks to hacks, the stock market took a nose dive thanks to the same hack, and someone out there still believes that the White House has been attacked.

A source like AP News has thousands of followers from all around the globe, and this kind of attack is seriously detrimental. Until Twitter beefs up security, these kinds of hacks will keep happening. The best way to protect your account right now is to restrict employee access.

Otherwise, you may just find false tweets being sent out into the world with your name on them. The world awaits Twitter's solution to this ongoing problem, which can't come quickly enough.