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  • New Twitter Analytics Tool
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Facebook has one. Google has one too. Now, Twitter is set to roll out its very own analytics tool. For those working within the social media industry, this is huge news. With the newly announced Twitter Web Analytics tool, companies and social media marketers alike will be able to find out how much Twitter really helps a business.

Twitter announced this week that the tool will be available to a select group right away (in beta mode), but won’t be available for use by the general public for a few weeks. As such, it’s hard to say what the new analytics tool will include, but it’s easy to note that this tool has been long awaited by avid Twitter users.

Some Key Analytics

When set up properly, it’s easy to see the impact that Twitter can have on a business. Twitter helps to send out business news, promote articles, and communicate with clients and consumers across the world. However, it hasn’t always been easy to determine just how much Twitter really helps a business.

The new Twitter Web Analytics tool will help businesses gage just how much the Twitter platform adds to a social media campaign. Twitter has announced that the new tool will provide information relating to retweets, the use of Twitter buttons, and how much traffic Twitter is sending to a specific site or blog. There’s no news yet regarding hashtags or Twitter groups, but these are things to look for within the coming months.

A Very Important Step

Social media marketers across the world are welcoming the news of the new Twitter analytics tool with open arms. In fact, this is a very important step for Twitter. Now that the company will be able to prove that Twitter does, in fact, work very well, more people are bound to turn to Twitter for business-related usage.

A few months ago, Twitter acquired BackType (a web analytics company), so many saw this new analytics tool coming. But just how well the tool will work is something that will be determined with time. As it stands, those who have had the chance to test the Twitter analytics tool in beta mode are pleased and surprised at the results of this tool.

Using the New Twitter Analytics Tool

As mentioned, the new Twitter analytics tool is currently in beta mode. If you want to try your luck, you can contact Twitter and hope to gain admittance to the new site. If you have no luck with this tactic, you will have to wait a few weeks. The good news is that the new Twitter Web Analytics tool will be free for all to use (for the time being).

Presumably, the analytics tool will show Twitter usage details in graph or chart form much like Google and Facebook already do. This reviewer is hoping that Twitter analytics will be available in PDF form as well (as Facebook provides to users), so that it’s clear just how much Twitter is adding to a social networking campaign. Those who use Twitter a lot know that this platform is useful and valuable. Now, social media marketers will be able to prove just how much Twitter is needed.