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Wearable devices are going to be the next big thing. How can I be so sure? App developers across the world are already banking on it.

But, just how crazy are you about wearing a fitness tracker or some goofy glasses?

If you think that the wearable trend is quickly passing, you need to take another look at these top tech devices that you'll love to wear.

1. FitBit Tracker: this wearable tracker lets you track how many hours per night you are sleeping, how many steps you take, can synch to wireless devices, and can even show you real-time progress stats that are directly in-line with your goals.

2. Google Glass: Google's Glass hasn't caught on completely yet, but that won't stop Google from updating Glass or coming out with new glasses-like ideas.

3. Galaxy Gear Watch: I hate the look of these watches, but some people really love them. The Galaxy Gear watch makes it possible to see incoming calls, connects with your Samsung phone, and is somewhat trailblazing when it comes to watches of this sort. There are many drawbacks to the Gear watch, but it's one wearable concept to keep your eye on.

4. Wear: this one is still in its crowdfunding stage, so you may not have heard of Wear yet. Wear is a microphone that can be slung around your neck and helps people suffering from hearing loss. Unlike a hearing aide, Wear is in microphone form, and works with any set of headphones. Users can adjust volume and other controls with Wear.

Devices Coming Up

As mentioned above, app developers are putting a lot of stock in wearable devices. That's why the upcoming CES conference will be crawling with newly developed apps that have been specially made for devices like Google Glass. Gaming developers, especially, are looking to create games for Glass and other devices that people will be wearing in the near future.

So, while you may not be into wearing a device or two right now, the future for things that can snap onto your wrist or sit snugly on your nose is bright. Manufacturers of all kinds are looking into creating these types of devices, and it seems that's what consumers want too. If you are lucky enough to head to CES this year, make sure to check out what's being created in the name of things that you can wear.

A Strange Future

A future full of people wearing smart watches, Google Glasses and other devices that you can wear may seem really strange, but it's a future that many app developers are starting to sink a lot of money into. I want to know: what do you think of this trend? Are you into wearing devices on your body, or is this really not for you?

Also, who owns a wearable watch? Any Google Glass owners? Developers, make sure to sound off too - anyone working on a product that's going to work exclusively with things that you can wear?