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  • New HP Ultrabook to Compete with MacBook Air
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Very soon, you’ll be hearing a lot about a new laptop from HP called the Folio Laptop. The Folio will be HP’s foray into the ultra-light laptop world. In direct competition with the ever-popular MacBook Air, HP hopes that the Folio will ramp up the company’s laptop game. This news comes just weeks after talk of HP abandoning the whole computer game arose. Now, it seems, HP is very much in the laptop race.
As you might have guessed, the Folio will be an ultra-portable, very thing, very light laptop.

HP has released some specs (more about these specifics below), and the company has also released a price point. On December 7th, you will be able to order a HP Folio for $900. This is $99 less than Apple’s 11-inch MacBook Air laptop. Will a low price and thin computer be enough for HP to trump Apple? Only time will tell. For now, you might consider waiting until December 7th to shop for that new laptop. Here’s what you can look forward to from HP.

Folio Specs

The Folio will weigh 3.3 pounds (1.5k) and be 7 inches thick. This $900 laptop will come with a standard 13.3-inch screen (significantly less than Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air), and it will also be packed with a battery that HP claims will last all day long. The battery might, in fact, be a large selling point for HP. As avid laptop users know, the biggest problem with any laptop is below average battery life. Sure, HP is competing with Apple with the Folio, but the company may also appeal to consumers who are shopping in a lower price bracket. After all, a laptop that lasts all day long might be worth an extra $300.

HP has stated that the Folio will have a Corei5 chip and 4 gigs of memory to go along with its sleek metal casing and super thin feel. If this laptop sounds great to you, you are certainly not alone. Many are waiting for the Folio to rear its head, but none are waiting quite as attentively as HP’s own computer division. The company will soon find out whether or not a gamble to compete in the high-end laptop world has paid off.

Holiday Time Lineup

HP has introduced quite a few different devices over the past few weeks, and you can expect more devices from this company to pop up over the next few weeks as well. As with most other manufacturers out there, HP is betting on the holiday shopping crowd. Yet, at the same time, HP is also set to launch some pretty interesting products, including the Folio. If you do have someone on your list who needs a new laptop, I wouldn’t brush the Folio aside.

In fact, the Folio may just compete with the MacBook Air nicely. Sure, it will take a lot for another company to displace the popular MacBook Air, but it might happen sooner rather than later. Who knows, Windows laptops may not be a lost cause after all.