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  • Is a Nikon/Android Camera In the Works?
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Cameras just aren’t what they used to be. Today’s consumer wants a camera that’s really a smartphone. You know, direct access to apps and all kinds of other goodies? Well, what would you say to a digital camera that runs on Android 2.3? How about one that lets you purchase apps from Google Play? What would you say to a digital camera that comes with GPS-tagging and a 3.5-inch screen? If all this sounds good to you, Nikon might have something in store that you’ll love.

The keyword here is “might.” Right now, the new Nikon/Android digital camera is nothing more than a rumor. But, it is a rumor that’s based on a reliable source, and has been printed in most of the top tech magazines. More likely than not, this rumor is a true one. Then again, rumors can also simply be based on nothing more than fiction. Either way, it makes a good deal of sense that a camera manufacturer like Nikon would be headed in the platform/app route.

It’s All About Instant

Think about the last time you took a photo. Did you use your smartphone? Did you then send that photo to a site like Facebook, or send it via email to a friend? Most people send photos directly to social media sites or somewhere through email. Or, photos are taken with a camera app like Instagram and shared immediately. This is something that you can’t do with a regular digital camera. But, it’s something that you could do with the new Nikon digital camera. While practical and logical, the fact that people today want to share photos instantly brings up another point: why would you use a digital camera instead of a smartphone or other device?

Nikon (and any other company that’s heading in this direction) has to make its upcoming Android-based camera darn good. This camera has to be so good that you’d rather use it over any other tablet or smartphone. This, my friends, is a tough task. Considering the fact that most smartphones today outrank and outsell digital cameras, Nikon will have to come up with something that’s really outstanding. It’s also a given that connection to the Internet with a new Nikon/Android camera has to be really easy.

How the Camera Might Connect

The tough thing about rumors is that they are often incomplete. Right now, it looks like the new Nikon digital might only be able to connect to the Internet via WiFi. As you might imagine, this may not be the best route for Nikon to take. It’s not always possible to find a WiFi connection. Then again, there are hotspot possibilities and other ways to connect. Again, this is just a rumor, so Nikon might have other connection ideas in mind.

Right now, the thought of a Nikon Android-based digital camera is a great one. If Nikon can get everything together in time for the holiday season, make this an excellent camera, and figure out connection details, this new camera might just make the best selling holiday gift list. If not, it’s a great idea that some other camera manufacturer is sure to pick up on.