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  • Nikon's First Android Camera
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Nikon is a camera giant. From professional-grade cameras to point-and-shoot budget-friendly options, Nikon is known for cameras. Usually, Nikon’s cameras are of the snap and shoot sort. But, a new kind of camera has been popping up lately. Samsung was one of the first companies to introduce an Android camera. Nikon quickly followed suit. Nikon’s Coolpix S800c is the first Android camera that the company has produced.

If the concept of an Android camera seems foreign to you, you are not alone. Companies like Nikon and Samsung are trying to combine digital cameras with the Android operating system. Why? Seemingly, to try and break into future, or untapped, markets. A spokesperson for Nikon even went so far as to tell press that Android cameras are the wave of the future. So, how does Nikon measure up as far as the Coolpix S800c goes? The reviews are mediocre at best.

Nikon Misses the Mark

A good digital camera has to be fast. This is a concept that Nikon has grasped for years. Yet, for some reason, the camera company missed the quick mark when it comes to the Coolpix S800c. The first mistake that Nikon made was in the name of Android 2.3. Android 2.3 had all kinds of problems when it first debuted. Issues aside, there are better versions of Android out now. Why Nikon didn’t equip the Coolpix with Jellybean and avoid all kinds of lags and hassles is unknown. Maybe it’s because this is Nikon’s first stab at an Android camera.

But, Nikon should have a good grasp on the camera side of things, at least. The Coolpix S800c does have a sleek look and a large enough touchscreen. The problem is that this camera is not fast. Really not fast. When it’s time to take that winning shot, the Coolpix S800c reportedly lags behind. Nikon has equipped this camera with a camera app that has to be launched in order to take a photo. As you might imagine, finding this app and launching it takes a few minutes. By the time that app has been found, though, it might be too late. Nikon would have done better to place a quick camera button on the camera body, instead of relying on an app.

The Benefit of Android

So, why did Nikon bother with an Android phone in the first place? The idea behind this product is a good one: combine Android with a camera. But, hasn’t it been done? Can a company like Nikon really do it better? Plenty of Android phones already on the market can take great photos. Users can then share those photos via a social network like Facebook or through an email program. What Nikon (and Samsung) is trying to do, then, is to create a great digital camera – one that’s better than a phone camera – and connect it with apps, the Internet, and social networks.

Great idea. Bad product. Samsung’s Galaxy Camera has received better reviews than the Nikon Coolpix S800c, but Samsung’s camera isn’t where it should be either. In the end, both Nikon and Samsung are headed in promising directions. Neither company is quite there yet, though.