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  • Nikon DSLR D4 Has Arrived
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Today marks the start of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This show is one of the biggest shows in the technology field, and every major manufacturer will be present. Nikon is included in this bunch, and the popular camera company let some information about its newest addition to the Nikon family slide last night. According to reliable sources, Nikon will be debuting its new DSLR D4 today at the conference (if you are in attendance, you won’t want to miss the Nikon booth!).

From the looks of things, the Nikon DSLR D4 will be one of the top cameras on the market this year. There’s no doubt that the D4 is professional grade, but some amateur photographers may find this camera just as intriguing. Nikon claims that the DSLR D4 is the best camera that the company’s ever built. While the D4 hasn’t hit store shelves quite yet (later this year), here are some of the things that you can look forward to when Nikon releases the D4 to the masses.


The first thing that most avid photographers will want to know is, how fast is this camera? Well, Nikon didn’t skimp on speed, that’s for sure. The new D4 can capture 10 shots per second. It also comes with a CMOS image sensor (16.2-megapizel), and RGB 3D Color Matrix (91,000-pixel) metering abilities. The D4 can also capture video, just in case those 10 shots per second aren’t good enough.

For obvious reasons, Nikon competitors should watch out for the new D4. Nikon seems to mean business at this year’s conference, and rumor has it that the camera company may even be revealing more than one camera. Some sources say that photographs of another new Nikon offering were slipped sometime last night. While these photos have since been pulled from the Nikon site, those who are in attendance at the Las Vegas conference will have a first-hand look at what Nikon is set to offer.

Availability and Pricing

It’s tough to say when Nikon will send the new D4 to store shelves, though you can expect this camera to show up sometime within the next year (within the next few months, if all goes well at the conference). Right now, Nikon is waiting to see who the camera is received at the Las Vegas tech conference. All signs point to the fact that reviewers and consumers alike are bound to drool over Nikon’s latest camera addition.

As far as pricing goes, this is a professional top-grade DSLR camera, so you can expect the price tag to reflect what’s inside of that sleek outer shell. While DSLR cameras are high on the price side of things, these are still the best options for professional photographers around the globe. Sure, your smartphone can take some nice pictures, but nothing compares to the image quality that a great DSLR offers. Stay tuned for more information about the new D4 from Nikon in the months to come – there’s sure to be a big tech news splash when this camera hits store shelves!