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  • The Nook HD+ Reviewed
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Barnes and Noble’s Nook HD+ can be found in Walmart stores today. The Nook HD+ is slightly bigger than the Nook HD. This tablet also comes with some additional features. If you’re in the market for a tablet this holiday season, you might want to take a look at what Barnes and Noble has created. Here’s a closer look at the Nook HD+.

Price Versus Value: How It All Adds Up

Barnes and Noble has priced the Nook HD+ at $269. This price seems relatively low, but how does the low pricing match up to what the Nook HD+ actually offers? In other words, has Barnes and Noble sacrificed any quality for price? At first glance, the Nook HD+ is a sturdy 9-inch tablet. The shell of this tablet is covered in a nice grey color with a slightly different lower left hand corner.

The lower left hand corner reveals a different color grey that includes a punched-out hole. I’m not certain why Barnes and Noble has decided to include the small hole, but it’s a part of the tablet that has been around since the first Nook was created – a keyhole? It’s hard to say.

The Nook HD+ has a volume rocker, headphone jack, power/sleep button, charging port, microphone hole, and a Micro SD slot. The Nook HD+ also includes that popular “Home” button that was started by Apple and first displayed on Apple iPhones. The overall look of the HD+ is sleek and very thin, making for an excellent tablet choice.

Nook HD+ Tablet Interface

Barnes and Noble did a great job creating the Nook HD+ interface. One of the nicest features you’ll note is just how easy it is to switch from user to user by tapping the home button. Multiple users are supported, so you can let your kids create a unique user profile without logging into yours. The HD+ comes with drag and drop content, and logging into each profile will display a list of purchased content at the top of the tablet screen. With the high resolution screen that Barnes and Noble has included book print does appear very sharp when reading a book on the HD+.

The HD+ is really a reading device. There is no native music option on this tablet, so keep this in mind if you are out holiday shopping and want something that plays music as well as lets you read books. Users can select from Barnes and Noble’s decent content lineup, which includes magazines, books, television shows, and movies. Do keep in mind that Barnes and Noble’s content is still in the process of growing, so movies and TV show options might be slightly lacking for the time being.

Why the Nook HD+ Rocks

First, it’s really tough to beat that price tag. Most other tablets this size will cost you well over $270. Second, you won’t find many tablets of this size that include a Micro SD slot. This slot will become your best friend if you want to upload lots of content. As far as drawbacks go, the number one drawback to the Nook HD+ is that Barnes and Noble’s content doesn’t compare to Amazon’s, Google’s, or Apple’s, but the content available is growing and will keep growing. Otherwise, the Nook HD+ is a solid tablet purchase with a great price tag.